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Description: QCAD - Free Open Source 2D CAD

Each configuration file contains an ECMAScript class with the same name as the script file. If the script file is called MyGCode.js. the class defined inside the script must be called MyGCode .

The ECMAScript class must derive directly or indirectly from class CamExporter, which is defined by QCAD/CAM. CamExporter defines the basic structure of CAM exporter configuration classes. Various methods in CamExporter are called to export the file header, the various entities in the CAD drawing and the footer. CamExporter also takes care of the various features of QCAD/CAM, for example to add ramp on / ramp off, cut inner contours before outer contours, etc.

CamExporter does not output anything by itself, but would produce an empty file on its own. CamExporter offers a text stream (QTextStream ) to write to the exported file. This text stream is exposed through the member variable this.stream .

If the desired output is a G-Code dialect (e.g. G1 X10 Y20  for a linear movement), the configuration can be derived from the exiting configuration for G-Code called GCode. which is defined in file GCode.js. This is the case for most machine controllers.

Create a file with a unique name of your choice. For this example, we call our new configuration MyGCode and store it in file MyGCode.js.

We start by creating a new empty text file MyGCode.js inside the directory scripts/Cam/CamConfigurations of your QCAD/CAM installation. You can use your favourite plain text editor for this task, for example Notepad under Windows, TextEdit under Mac OS X or vim / Emacs under Linux systems.

MyGCode.js  must contain a class called MyGCode to be a valid configuration for QCAD/CAM. While there are strictly speaking no classes in ECMAScript, we can create a similar concept by attaching functions to the prototype object of a constructor function. How this works exactly if beyond the scope of this documentation.

In practice, this looks like this (note that lines starting with // are comments and are not required):

Now, we have a fully working configuration, which is identical to the existing GCode configuration but called 'MyGCode'.

The constructor we defined above calls the constructor of our base class 'GCode'. There, the default values for some global options are set. We can override these options in our constructor if desired. We can for example increase the number of decimals used by our configuration from 3 (default) to 4, so that a coordinate with value 1.23456789 will be exported as 1.2345 instead of 1.235. To do this, we set the class variable decimals to '4' (or whatever value is desired):

We can also configure the output unit here. That's the unit expected by your machine or controller. Drawings that are exported to G-Code using this configuration, are automatically converted to this unit. For example:

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