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Keywords: be a high performance person, how to be rich, achieving business growth
Description: Learn how to be successful and be a high performance person with enormous gains in income by attending Dan Pena’s QLA Castle Seminar. More resource materials are available at Danpena.com

  • Pay Price to Action
  • No free lunch, but super success can be accomplished at a discount
  • Quantum Leap Advantage Action War Plan
  • The business investment “RED FLAG” Check List
  • 114 Penaisms
  • Sample Letters
  • Sample Phone Scripts
  • Sample Meeting Interview Scripts
  • Redefine goals and vision
  • Building Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Worth
  • Emotional Bank Accounts and how you build up a Reservoir
  • Getting comfortable with high performance
  • Leadership and its importance IN QLA
  • Your doubts are not products of accurate thinking, but habitual thinking
  • Super success – not for everyone
  • Conventional wisdom – the losers crutch
  • What it means to be super successful
  • Laser Beam Focus VS Ferocious Focus
  • Five Credos for success
  • Preparing for your Quantum Leap (15 keys)
  • Achieving your Quantum Leap (8 power strategies)
  • Cashing in on your success. Doing it again.
  • Take Action NOW or Never!
  • Your Quantum Leap Advantage
  • Building Perception to become a Reality
  • Creating Your Dream Team for Success
  • 11 Steps that make a Deal
  • The Plan with no Escape
  • Get comfortable
  • Passion – do you have it? Selling your dream
  • Beyond Common Sense
  • 5 Credos for Success
  • New Rules – there are no rules
  • Leadership and you in 21st century
  • Focus on Ends not the Means whilst overcoming obstacles
  • Growth – arithmetic, geometric, exponential, quantum
  • Working Capital (Raising Capital) – OPM
  • Financing – Internal Growth (Raising Capital) – OPM
  • Acquisitions – External Growth (Deals and Acquisitions)
  • Dispelling myths about raising capital
  • Financing your dream
  • Rules of the Game – there aren’t any!
  • How the internet has made the process easier and harder.
  • Role playing financial presentations
  • Forms of Finance
  • Fundamentals of finance
  • How to locate successful financing
  • How to interview financial institutions
  • Business Plans – Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to create/project the right perception
  • How to create an instant track record
  • How to present to the financial institutions?
  • How and why to always position to go public – even if you don’t
  • How to leverage banks against each other?
  • How to choose between IPO’s and Private Placements
  • When to use Investment Banks, Venture Capitalists, brokers, private equity providers, and others?
  • How to understand the various tools of finance
  • Unsecured vs. secured debt
  • How to see the red flags early
  • Advanced role playing
  • Evaluation of business plans of attendees
  • How to avoid subsequent litigation by positioning yourself for it
  • Analytical model for calculating debt required
  • Most common financial follies
  • How not to take rejection from bankers, investors too seriously
  • Financial misconceptions
  • How to find an industry
  • How to find targets within your industry
  • How the internet has made the deal making process easier and harder
  • How to make a first impression
  • How to expand your Dream Team
  • How to set up a system to get paid
  • How to structure professional fees
  • How to set up and conduct the first, second and consecutive deal meetings
  • How to proceed to reviewing financials
  • Role play interviewing professionals
  • How to create deal flow
  • How to determine if the deal is hot
  • How to conduct due diligence
  • How to make an offer
  • How to tie up the deal
  • How to finance the deal
  • How to do the next deal
  • Role play using attendees own deals
  • And all personal Deal questions answered.
  • What is leadership
  • Leadership past, present and future
  • Why is leadership more important now than ever
  • Can’t lead without first understanding what it is to be a follower
  • What do all great leaders know
  • All great leaders are great salesmen first
  • What is the most important part of the sales process
  • How to make your selling process the same as their buying process
  • What all great ideas have first.
  • What is the easiest dream to sell
  • How to get good/great at the sales process
  • What all of your dream team must know and believe
  • And all personal, leadership and obstacle questions answered
  • Special meal requirements need to be requested 15 days in advance

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