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Description: Coopers Hawk Winery and Restaurant, Merrillville: See 92 unbiased reviews of Coopers Hawk Winery and Restaurant, rated 4.5 of 5 on TripAdvisor and ranked #3 of 145 restaurants in Merrillville.

this was my first visit to any CH restaurant. it had been talked up by friends and family, but i know how to manage my expectations. i was expecting okay food, okay wine, a clean restaurant and good service.

the wine first. my wife ordered a glass of whatever was paired with her main. the waiter suggested the Malbec, saying it was his favorite. we are both big fans of Malbec. this was the worst i'd ever had, by a long shot. it started off very acidic, not unlike drinking apple cider vinegar, then BAM i was hit in the head by a Vanilla Mallet. unpleasant.

the other wine (sorry i can't recall what kind) wasn't very good. i've done better with $5 and a trip to Trader Joe's. however, it did pair well with my wife's main, a very sweet chicken dish. so well done, corporate sommelier.

my main was the salmon special: horseradish encrusted over a hot mess of incoherent vegetables in an acidic sauce. the poor salmon lived his life for no reason, as it was brutally overcooked. i considered sending it back, but after tasting a couple other mains at the table, decided nothing good would come of this.

the waiter was unintentionally hilarious. he had a habit of taking half our orders and walking away. granted, we were not a *small* table (5 adults, 1 teen, 1 child), but certainly manageable. he took a couple wine sample orders and walked away. at dessert time, he took one order and walked away. congrats on getting our mains orders all in one shot.

there was no bussing to speak of. after the mains were finished, the table remained littered with sample wine glasses. i let my finished main sit in front of me, then pushed off to the side, for a good 10-15 minutes. i finally put it on an adjacent table (bussed, but not wiped down nor set up), where it sat for another 10 minutes before someone finally grabbed it.

granted, it was a busy Saturday night. but i'm sorry -- i've bussed, i've waited tables, i've regularly managed 15 tables at a busy lunch. you *must* keep track of what's going on on your tables. you *must* check out each of your tables each time you walk by, even if you're taking an order to the kitchen or returning with food. i'm sympathetic, but there's no excuse for letting dirty dishes sit that long.

finally, the cleanliness. on our way to be seated, i nearly slipped on the floor right by the kitchen entrance. then again at at the other kitchen entrance. it was instantly recognizable: that restaurant grease you feel on the kitchen floor, especially at the end of the night when the rubber mats have been taken up for cleaning but before the floor has been mopped.

i took a few minutes to let someone at reception know. the three women at reception were busy sorting out. something, i'm not sure what. after about 30 seconds i got the "we'll be right with you," then waited another minute to minute and a half before one was free enough to see what i wanted.

"there's a hazard," i said. to her credit, she obviously took this seriously. i pointed out to her what i had felt on the floor and recommended it be mopped. she set out to check it out. i went to the restroom (clean-ish, so well done there) and on the way back to the table, saw her right where i had said.

she could not detect any grease or slippery-ness on the floor, and insisted it was simply the tile and the entire floor was like that (it's not). i pressed the matter for a moment, got push back, then gave up. no point in arguing. i just hope no one hurts themselves.

long review, but much needed to be said. they were very crowded; it's obviously a popular place. and maybe it is among the best in Merrillville. and my mom liked the creme brûlée. so i guess they have that going for them.

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