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Description: Sidequests are completely optional, mostly non-storyline objectives the player can undertake...

  • Odin - The player may challenge Odin in Baron Castle once they have gone to the Feymarch. After defeating Odin in battle, the player will receive him as a summon.
  • Feymarch - Isolated on an island in magma in the Underworld. It is where the player may obtain several powerful equipment as well as the Avenger sword, and can challenge both Asura and Leviathan to a battle to obtain them as optional summons.
    • Eidolon search sidequest is an iOS-exclusive sidequest started at Feymarch.
  • Lair of the Father - Accessed once the player can go to the moon. The player can engage Bahamut here once they have obtained Leviathan to try and obtain him as a summon.
  • Adamant Isle Grotto - Near Mythril Village, and the site of the Pink Puff Tail sidequest (and other tails in the DS version). Bringing a Pink Puff Tail will grant an Adamant Armor to the player. Bringing the Rat Tail will grant the player an Adamantite. which the player can use to obtain the Excalibur .
  • Sylph Cave - Found in the northwestern part of the underworld. The player can obtain the optional summon Sylph after they talk to Yang. return to Fabul and get the Pan, and then use the Pan on Yang. Returning the Pan to Fabul will also yield the Knife. This must be done before going to the moon for the first time.
  • Lunar Subterrane - Several optional bosses can be fought here for various powerful equipment, such as Ragnarok and Ribbon. The bosses include Dark Bahamut. Ogopogo. Lunasaur. Plague Horror. and White Dragon .
  • Lunar Ruins
  • Namingway
  • Proto-Babil
  • Geryon - After completing the DS version in the first playthrough, the player can challenge this new Boss in the "New game+" mode. It is found inside the Giant of Babil or on Mount Ordeals .
  • Whyt
  • The player can find tails throughout the game to exchange with the Tail Collector on the True Moon for powerful equipment. Adamantite can also be found and traded with Tradingway in the same location.
  • During Palom 's Tale, the player can buy other membership cards to reach more levels of the club at Troia. This can earn the player Leonora's only whip, and the Black Tail.
  • Challenge Dungeons .
  • Omega and Lord Dragon are optional superbosses, and can earn the player the Hero Shield and Ragnarok after defeating them, respectively.
  • It's possible to miss some of the Eidolons in the Gathering Tale, which doesn't make them all necessary to advance further in the game. For example, Shiva can be killed by accident during the battle with her. The chocobo is also a hidden Eidolon.
  • Odin - Once again, the player may challenge Odin to obtain him as an optional summon. This can only be done in World 3, after climbing through Jachol Cave into the locked room in Castle of Bal .
  • Syldra - The player may obtain the optional summon Syldra in World 3 by returning to the Pirate's Hideout.
  • Catoblepas - Can only be done in World 2. The player may head to the northernmost area in World 2 (must have access to the Submarine to get to the area) and attempt to fight and defeat Catoblepas to obtain as an optional summon .
  • Shiva - In World 1, the player may attempt to defeat and obtain Shiva as an optional summon once they are able to go to Walse Castle and go through the hidden tower.
  • Bahamut - The player may return to North Mountain in World 3 to fight and obtain Bahamut as an optional summon.
  • Phoenix Tower - In World 3, the player may return to the desert surrounding North Mountain and head to the far southwest to reach Phoenix Tower, which comprises of 30 floors. At the top, they may obtain the optional summon Phoenix .
  • Fork Tower - After completing the Pyramid of Moore. the player may attempt to go to Fork Tower to obtain the spells Flare and Holy .
  • Istory Falls - The player may attempt to obtain a Lithograph as well as attempt to obtain the optional summon Leviathan .
  • Great Sea Trench - The player may attempt to obtain a Lithograph as well as obtain the powerful spell Meteor .
  • Gil Cave - The player may attempt to obtain lots of Gil, as well as attempt to fight the optional boss Gil Turtle .
  • Sunken Walse Tower - The player may attempt to reach and fight Famed Mimic Gogo to obtain the optional Job Class Mime .
  • Omega and Shinryu - The player may attempt to fight and defeat Omega and Shinryu in the Interdimensional Rift. Shinryu gives you the Ragnarok and Dragon Seal, while Omega gives you the Omega Badge .
  • Boco - In World 3, the player may attempt to go around the world with Boco to obtain the Magic Lamp. as well as win a Mirage Vest from a man in Phantom Village .
  • Carbuncle - The player may seek out and defeat Carbuncle in Castle Exdeath to obtain him as an optional summon.
  • Ramuh - In Bartz's World. the player may fight around Istory in the forest to attempt to defeat and obtain Ramuh as an optional summon.
  • Golem - In Drakenvale. the player may help Golem by defeating the enemies attacking it to obtain it as an optional summon.
  • Sealed Temple
  • Deathgaze - In the World of Ruin. the player may attempt to fight and defeat Deathgaze for the Bahamut Magicite .
  • Eight legendary dragons - The player may attempt to seek out and defeat the Blue Dragon. Earth Dragon. Gold Dragon. Holy Dragon. Ice Dragon. Red Dragon. Skull Dragon. and Storm Dragon for various powerful equipment.
  • Crusader - By beating all of the Dragons (not the Dragon's Den version) and breaking their seal, the player may receive the Esper.
  • Dragons' Den - Only available in the Game Boy Advance version. The player may attempt to defeat various powerful enemies, including the powerful Kaiser Dragon and Omega Weapon .
  • Gau's father - The player may attempt to seek Gau's past by adding Gau to the party and talking to the crazy old man. It can only be done in the World of Ruin.
  • Mog -or- the Golden Hairpin - After returning Terra back to her controlled state, the player could go to Narshe for the sidequest. It involves a wild goose chase of Lone Wolf the Pickpocket up to the cliff where Valigarmanda is settled. Then the player may choose Mog or the Golden Hairpin. As they choose one, the other choice falls down the cliff, and can never be retrieved, with the exception of Mog, who could be recruited in the World of Ruin.
  • Gogo - The player may attempt to recruit Gogo by going through a secret dungeon, after being eaten by a Zone Eater .
  • Umaro - The player may attempt to fight and recruit Umaro in the World of Ruin after they have recruited Mog .
  • Leviathan can be fought by taking the ferry between South Figaro and Nikeah once the party has acquired the Falcon. but will not appear unless the party has talked to a man in South Figaro who mentions seeing a shadow while fishing.
  • Dragon's Neck Coliseum - The player may attempt to win various prizes in a 1vs1 battle. In the Game Boy Advance version, the player may also fight and defeat Gilgamesh and obtain him as an optional Esper. It is also possible to obtain Shadow here if the player did not leave him behind in the World of Balance .
  • Soul Shrine - It becomes available after the Dragons' Den and the main story have been completed.

The only major sidequest in the main game in Dirge of Cerberus is the collection of G Reports to unlock the Secret Ending. Outside of the main game, there are the Extra Missions. which can be accessed from the main menu and are completely optional.

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