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While continuously redefining the notion of artistic contemporary lighting, Terzani has been uniting a deeply rooted heritage of traditional Italian craftsmanship with generations of innovative designers, concepts and technologies for more than 40 years. It was in Florence, in 1972, when creative entrepreneur Sergio Terzani founded his eponymous company and embarked on a quest to create lighting that embraces art, luxury and design. Now under the guidance of Sergio and his son Nicolas Terzani (CEO and Creative Director), the company is ushering in a new era of lighting through Terzani Lab, an internal development department that explores innovative ideas, materials and solutions.

Led by a single phrase, "everything is light", Terzani has emerged as an international collective, where the world's leading designers juxtapose the artisanal with the cutting-edge, to transform glass, metal and other materials into meticulously crafted sculptures that illuminate and inspire. Via collaborations with top architectural, interior and product designers such as Bruno Rainaldi, Dodo Arslan, Nigel Coates, Maurizio Galante, Studio 14, Luca Martorano + Mattia Albicini, Christian Lava, Simone Micheli, and many more, the company is redefining the future of lighting with its experimental approach.

Distinctive collections express the brand's handcrafted-meets-high-tech ethos in diverse ways. The Memory Collection bridges past and present. Originating from legendary partnership with Parisian designer Jean-Francois Crochet that began in 1985, Memory unites traditional materials like wrought iron, wood and scavo glass with contemporary lines, resulting in luxe modern luminaires with a warm, authentic character.

The PreciousDesign Collection expands the boundaries of traditional luxury via exquisite materials, exuberant modern aesthetics and avant-garde technologies. Nicolas himself designed one of PreciousDesign's top-selling product families - Mizu - transforming clear 24% lead crystal pendants into mesmerizing watery reflections and refractions. This collection reshapes not just how one "sees" light, but also experiences shadow and motion: Light becomes "sculpture" and an immersive, interactive form of art.

Together, Memory and PreciousDesign embody Terzani's commitment to the evolution of luxury lighting.

"I love void and light, but also: a pot on the stove, the wine Bourgogne, kids, women, I'm in love with Taben".—Jean-François Crochet

Born in 1949, he attended some of the finest decorative art schools in Paris. He recalls that "I came across people who put me to work. I designed several fashion boutiques in the 60's "la Gaminerie-Paris", it was still day time. At night I also designed several night clubs: "Le Tiffany", "La nuit des Rois", "Le club Alexandre" in Montreal. I needed to eat well after all. and so I also designed several restaurants and bars in Paris Bastille. Then in 1985 I laid on the beach right next to Sergio Terzani, three tumbles later I was working in his workshop. I believed I designed lamps, I believed I had memory, I got lost in the past to come back to the light with.

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Terzani Alaya kleine Wandleuchte | Leuchten & Lampen |EMPOR.DE

Terzani Alaya kleine Wandleuchte | Leuchten & Lampen |EMPOR.DE

Terzani Alaya Wandleuchte | Leuchten & Lampen | EMPOR.DE

ALAYA Pendant lamp by TERZANI design Jean-Francois Crochet

Aplique de vidrio soplado PHANTOM by TERZANI diseo Jean-Francois ...

CALLE Lmpara colgante by TERZANI diseo Mattia Albicini, Luca ...

SOLUNE Aplique by TERZANI diseo Jean-Francois Crochet

Alaya Wall Light by Terzani - List Price at Opad.com is $760.00 ...

Designa Terzani Alaya High Wall


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Terzani Alaya Wandleuchte | Leuchten & Lampen | EMPOR.DE

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MIZU Lmpara colgante by TERZANI diseo Nicolas Terzani

ATLANTIS Pendant lamp by TERZANI design Barlas Baylar

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ANTINEA Lmpara de pared by TERZANI diseo Jean-Francois Crochet