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Description: How to Use a Soundboard on Ventrilo. Soundboard is an Internet web space that holds a large collection of computer audio files. Ventrilo is an Internet voice chatting program that allows people to communicate with each other in real time. By combining any Soundboard files with Ventrilo, you can create your very own bindings to color your voice...

Press the button next do the "Bindings" drop-down menu on your Ventrilo program. This should be the third drop-down box from the upper section of the Ventrilo window.

Press the "New" button next to the "Bind name" drop-down menu. Another window will open up asking to name the new binding. Choose any name you want, then press "OK" save the name.

Press the "Add" button on the lower left side of the bindings window. It will open a new window asking for the type of audio function to use. Select the "Wave Files" toggle from the list.

Click into the "Hotkey" field and press any button on your keyboard to designate as the playback button. Press "OK" to save these settings, which will open up the "Edit Wave Files" window.

Choose one of your Soundboard files under the "Edit Wave Files" window. To select multiple files, hold down the shift key, then press on as many wave files as you want. When you are finished, press the "OK" button.

Click "OK" in the "Setup Bindings" window to save all your settings. In the main Ventrilo window, click the "Bindings" drop-down menu and select the name of your new binding. Push the Hotkey button you designated to use your Soundboard audio file on Ventrilo.

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