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Description: Wireframe Animations is Kerala’s premier animation studio dedicated to the development and production of content for film, TV and commercials. With the industry's top talents,

Wireframe Animations is Kerala’s premier animation studio dedicated to the development and production of content for film, TV and commercials.

With the industry's top talents, state-of-the-art technology and the broadest range of animation styles, Wireframe Animations is an inspiring creative environment. It is our goal to produce highly cultural animation that is successful both commercially and as an art form.

It is our aim to receive recognition from film and entertainment industry by producing quality animations that blend aesthetic values with commercial ingredients. Our goal is to construct a firm base for future productions and establish our name internationally by gearing up projects with global appeal.

As a key player in the animation industry in India, Wireframe Animations is a new media and 3D animation studio that focuses on working closely with producers, distributors, broadcasters and partners worldwide to produce original television content and high-end animations for broadcast and marketing purposes.

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