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Description: City, northeastern Rajasthan state, northwestern India. It lies on a sandy plain on the Rajasthan Steppe, about 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Jhunjhunun. The city was founded about...

Churu , city, northeastern Rajasthan state, northwestern India. It lies on a sandy plain on the Rajasthan Steppe. about 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Jhunjhunun .

The city was founded about 1620 by Churru, a chieftain of the Jats (an agricultural people of northern India), from whom its name is derived. It is a local market for wool, millet, gram (chickpeas), cattle, and salt and has cottage industries that include hand-loom weaving, pottery, and leather manufacture. Bajra (pearl millet), gram, and pulses are the chief crops. Gypsum deposits are worked. The city has a hospital and a college affiliated with the University of Rajasthan in Jaipur .

Churu is known for its attractive haveli s, traditional mansions bedecked with large wall murals in a style native to that part of Rajasthan. Of note are the Kothar and Kanhaiyya haveli s, which contain life-sized paintings of the romantic tales of Dhola and Maru, Sassi and Punnu, and other Indian folk heroes. The six-storied Surana haveli has more than 1,000 doors.

The surrounding semiarid region is watered only by the Katli River in the northeast. The rolling sand hills to the southwest form part of the Bagar tract, where the breeding of sheep, cattle, and camels is extensive. Nearby Tal Chhapar Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its large populations of both resident and migratory birds. Pop. (2001) 97,648; (2011) 119,856.

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