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Description: Situated in northwestern Hubei, Xiangyang (formerly Xiangfan) was the combination of Fancheng and Xiangyang which were built in the Western Zhou and early Han dynasties.

Administrative Division. 3 districts (Xiangcheng, Fancheng, Xiangzhou); 3 counties (Nanzhang, Gucheng, Baokang); 3 county-level cities (Zaoyang, Yicheng, Laohekou)

Location. Situated in the northwest of Hubei Province, Xiangyang (formerly Xiangfan) is in the middle reaches of the Han River, which flows through the city and divided the city into northern and southern parts. It neighbors Yichang in the south and Henan Province in the north. Wuhan is 347 kilometers (216 miles) from it.

History. It was the combination of Fancheng and Xiangzhou. The former one was formed in the Western Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC-771BC), and the Xiangzhou was first built in the early Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). The city was established in 1950.

Physical Features. The terrain of the region is higher in the west and lower in the east. The western part is made up of mountains and the eastern is low mountains and hills. The Han River flow eastward through the city and divides it into northern and southern city areas.

Climatic Features. The city enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with annual average temperature of about 16C (61F). The temperature goes up quickly in spring, and rainstorms may sometimes attack this area in summer. Continued cloudy and rainy weather usually happens in autumn.

Longzhong Scenic Zone. Hidden in the mountains eight miles to the west of the city, Longzhong Scenic Zone is a tourist resort centered on the former residence of Zhuge Liang. the famous strategist and politician in Three Kingdoms Period (220-280). The major scenic resorts include Longzhong Mountain, Leshan Mountain, Daqi Mountain and Xiaoqi Mountain.

Covering an area of 4.6 square miles, this beautiful land boasts waves of grain, dainty hills, clear waters and rich cultural relics. Zhuge Liang once lived as a hermit here for ten years. Many relics are left recording his life. For example, Zhuge Cottage is said to be the place where Liu Bei (the emperor of Shu Kingdom) paid three visits to Zhuge Liang. Sangu Tang (Three Visits Hall) is the memorial hall to record these three sincere visits. Wuhou Temple is built to enshrine Zhuge Liang. Wolong Shenchu is said to be the place where he met his friends. Xiaohong Bridge is the only bridge by which he ever entered Longzhong. Gonggeng Tian is the over 6.7-hectare field which is believed to have been furrowed under his plough. Moreover, there is Liujiao Well, Laolong Cave and Longzhong Study Hall, and all of which are closely related to the life and times of this remarkable man.

Come here and you will learn more about the life experience of this great figure in Chinese history.

Ancient Xiangyang City. It enjoys widespread fame far and near due to its glorious culture, long history, rich cultural relics and beautiful landscape. The old city site is located on the banks of the Han River in downtown of the city. It was first built and its basic layout was formed during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD). It is recorded that the ancient city had six city gates and 4,210 crenels. During the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, the old city was perfected to be even more spectacular. The six city gates and four watch towers stood straight up to guard the city. The golden tiles and colored glazes made the city wall shine in the sunlight. The towering shadow of city wall was reflected in the moat. What an imposing sight it was!

Today, the existing city wall of ancient city is all that remains of the Ming Dynasty. Its outer is laid by pieces of large bricks and the inner is filled by the rammed earth. The north side faces Han River and the others are encompassed by moat whose depth is 6.6 to 9.9 feet and the widest point measures 273 yards. There is only one city gate left – the north gate "Suo Yue" which means the lock and the key, signifying the gate's military importance. Though the rest of the city gates were destroyed, the ancient city layout and defense system can still be easily recognized.

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