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Description: Y'know, I'm Hungry Like the Wolf youtube . And I don't mean Duran Duran. I mean, Bruce Campbell and Old Spice. Behind the scenes youtube of the commercial. Earlier Old Spice commercial about

Y'know, I'm Hungry Like the Wolf youtube. And I don't mean Duran Duran. I mean, Bruce Campbell and Old Spice. Behind the scenes youtube of the commercial. Earlier Old Spice commercial about Experience youtube. Bruce's acting (or over the top machismo) has grown on me over the last couple of years, and the commercials hit it pretty well. If you want a little more, you might want to read If Chins Could Kill. Turns out, Bruce is considered one of the best Reverse Actors (I couldn't find any video of this.) Hail to the King, baby! youtube

The best reverse actor would be, of course, Val Kilmer in Top Secret! The entire scene in the library is shot in reverse -- including the dialogue.

Is it just me or did they change the old Old Spice bottle to look really really bright red & phallic?

Weird, I just saw that commercial for the first time about 30 minutes ago. While watching a broadcast of Zoolander on Comedy Central on a Saturday night. Yeah.

Thanks - would have missed this. Not nearly as good as the "Experience" ad, but still good to see Bruce.

This ad feels like they've just cast him as Shatner. But they're subtly different personas, so it seems a little off.

The behind the scenes just makes it seem like they are all trying way too hard for something with zero payoff.

I just got back from Spiderman 3, where Bruce Campbell provided a hilarious cameo. Not to be missed.

Bruce Campbell has been a personal hero of mine for the last decade and a half or so. You can't have a post about him without linking to his site: and you have to appreciate that he actually writes for that site.

To further his cause, I believe that Confessions is the book that convinced me that, with enough effort, I could make my own bad film.

And if I have to be totally honest, other than me, I know of one man my Wife has kissed while we have been together. I was there, and she laid one one Bruce himself when signing her book. I should have been aghast. But all I could think was, My girl just kissed my hero. I'll call this a wash and walk away.

Ash fighting his evil hand. A good portion of the scenes were done in reverse, some of the dvd's have commentary about it, this is the youtube link i could find:

I don't think that scene has much reverse acting in it, but it does have a great hand scene. I think the big scenes are ones including the transformations / evil ash.

Bruce Campbell actually turned in a fine, surprisingly subtle comic performance in the latest Spiderman movie. Between that and Bubba Ho Tep, I'd say there's a possibility of him producing some great work as an actor, rather than as a chin that swaggers comically, which is how he has been used for most of his career, including in this commercial.

quin. yes, you could theoretically go out and make your own bad film (iirc, made for $500k, grossed $14m, only one crew fatality.) Sadly, shooting a stinker isn't as much of a life experience as you'd expect. Except for the bankruptcy part.

I've liked the man's oeuvre quite a bit since seeing him in Army of Darkness. It was a pleasant surprise to find out he briefly attended my alma mater. I gave serious consideration to gazing at his old dorm room, but decided that would be kinda weird and anti-climatic. Unfortunately, the last 3 youtube videos aren't loading correctly for me. Just the sound.

I bought the autobiography for my boyfriend this past Christmas and ended up reading it myself -- very funny, very well-written and I find myself liking his work much more afterwards.

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