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At how to the belief is muscle development, is simple and straight forward and you not need to spend a fortune on a lot of useless supplements.

Before you begin a weight training wouldn't it be nice to know what really are the facts about the human body, what really will build muscle and what is a scam or smart marketing trying to part you and your money.

How to advocate a few simple principals that apply to gaining body mass and muscles. If you apply them consistently they will help you get fitter and gain a physique you will be proud of.

The benefits of Compound Exercises for bodybuilding are well documented and if you ain't doing them,then more fool you. All I would like to say is just strap a pile of weight on a bar and lift it just for the primal joy of lifting it.

When you start asking how many reps? how much rest? What this, what that? The advice you get back will be just how some one else does it.

Get your weights written down in a log. "Progression EVERY session" is the key to muscle and lean weight gain. That means nothing less than your personal best every weight training session. Of course learn how to lift correctly but do not get hung up on finding the perfect routine because.

and no perfect amount of reps just loads of on-line Gurus selling you their e-books and of course their supplements!

A great body and a lean fat free physique does not come in a protein shake, a tub of pills or a syringe.

Nowadays with so many products and information now available on-line via the internet how can you be confident that your efforts will result in improved performance and results?

Buying products such as sytropin human growth hormone supplements are expensive and these products may have a role in bodybuilding but are but their effects rarely stand up to scientific testing by experts. More importantly possible side effects on the body of a product like this may not become evident for many years.

How to supports natural bodybuilding and does not advocate the use of drugs and remain sceptical about the benefits of many body building supplements for muscle development.

There are no secret underground bodybuilding workouts or nutritional supplements that are going to make you massive in a month.

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