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Description: Zaptext is a web-based relationship technology tool which allows you to profoundly change the way you communicate with the following communities: - B2B (Business to Business) - B2C (Business to Consumer) - B2E (Business to Employee). Contact Centric Enables you to capture infromation in ways which are relevant in todays web and mobile world. Multi-Lingual Opens the door to truly global campaigns. Web based You only need a browser to get up and running. Configurable Zaptext allows you to enjoy the financial benefits of AUTOMATING many of your contact & business processes. Personalised You can turn dialogue into meaningful business relationship by using richly personalised communication, in the new web & mobile media.

We strive to provide exceptional products and services that are architecturally robust, configurable, imbued with longevity, and which allow our customers to achieve their goals.

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives, and we realise that by challenging our customers assumptions, we can go further.

Zaptext certainly gives you that service, however it is MUCH more than that. It's a complete environment which allows you to nurture your business relationships by gathering information about your contacts, and communicating with them in richly personalised ways using new digital media (SMS, Zap-Flyer e-mail) and documents and reports.

S hort M essage S ervice. A service which originated on pagers (remember them?), to alert telephone engineers about system issues. Telco's were taken by surprise at how quickly SMS became a cultural norm.

The dictionary definition for relationship is " a state of connectedness between people " . By using Zaptext web and mobile technology, we empower your organisation to achieve that connectedness .

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