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Description: The AFE400 is an ice machine that produces flaked ice and stores it in a insulated bin. It automatically maintains the level of ice by turning on when the ice level falls and switches off when it is

The AFE400 is an ice machine that produces flaked ice and stores it in a insulated bin. It automatically maintains the level of ice by turning on when the ice level falls and switches off when it is full.

AFE400 Specifications The nameplate is located on the back panel. A serial number plate is located behind the right grill, in front of the control box, on the base. Model Number Dimensions (w/o) legs H x W x D AFE400AE-1A 33 x 24.

Intake through the right grill. Exhaust from the left grill. Do not install wher this air flow is blocked. The AFE400 has a removable cabinet. When installed, the machine should have some extra clearance (1/8") on the left and right sides so that the cabinet may be easily removed when the machine is in place.

Electrical power is supplied through a cord connected to the unit. All local codes must be followed. Pre-installation: 1. Inspect the place where the ice machine is to be installed. Check for: space for the cabinet water supply, drain availability and electrical power supply.

A loop of copper tubing may be used between the ice machine and the water supply. This will allow the ice machine to be pulled out from its installed location without disconnecting the water line. No back-flow preventer is required in the inlet potable water line because provision for that is incorporated in this N.S.F.

11. Has the Customer Evaluation & Warranty Registration form been filled out? Check for correct model and serial numbers from the nameplate, then mail the completed form to Scotsman. For The Electrician After Utility Connections: Final Check List 12. Has the owner/user been given the name and.

AFE400 Removal of the Cabinet One of the most useful features of this ice machine STEP 2 is the ability to remove the cabinet from the ice machine without removing the ice machine from its installed position. To Remove: 1. Switch the master switch to OFF. Be certain the ice machine has been switched off.

AFE400 Component Location The ice machine is designed for front service. Many components are serviceable from the front without removing the cabinet. With the cabinet removed, nearly all components are serviceable. In the bin area can be found Float Reservoir.

Electrical Sequence There are two circuits in the AFE400: one is a series circuit with several switches connected in series to the compressor. The other is a parallel branch of the series circuit, controlling the gear drive motor. The series circuit begins at the contactor in the control box.

1. Open the water shut off valve and allow the reservoir to fill with water. The ice machine will not operate without 20 pounds of water pressure. Note: The reservoir cannot be seen without.

Scotsman recommends that only the surface of the condenser be cleaned with the bin in place. A vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment will extract most loose dust stuck to the surface of the condenser fins.

12. Place the bin back onto the chassis. 13. Reconnect the drain hose to the bin drain. 14. Mix a solution of 1.5 quarts of warm (95 F.) water and 4 ounces of Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaner. Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaner contains acids.

Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaner and hot water. Remove any scale prior to cleaning. To Remove Scale: 1. Mix a cleaning solution of 4 ounces of Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaner to 4 pints of hot F.-110 F.) water.

11. After the auger has dried, check condition of the auger’s finish, it should be clean and shiny. If not, scrub with Scotsman ice machine cleaner and a clean brush. 12. Reverse all of the above to reassemble.

Water Schematic: Water flows into the ice machine from its inlet connection at the back of the cabinet, through the float valve and into the reservoir. The water in the reservoir then flows by gravity into the bottom of the evaporator. In the evaporator the water chills into ice crystals and is pushed up the evaporator by the auger.

AFE400 Refrigeration Schematic: From the compressor, hot discharge gas is pumped to the condenser, either air or water cooled. At the condenser, heat from the refrigerant flows into the cooling medium, either air or water, and the refrigerant condenses into a liquid. From the.

10 PSI Cut Out, 20 PSI Cut In Auger Delay Pressure Control - SPDT: Contacts 3-2 close at 32 PSIG, open at 20 PSIG. Contacts 1-2 close at 20 PSIG, open at 32 PSIG. F. water F. water May 1995 Page 17 AFE400.

AFE400 Service Diagnosis: Condition - No Ice Being Produced STATUS: ICE MAKER DOES NOT OPERATE A. Check. Voltage to the unit, restore it if there is none. Compare to the nameplate. If the voltage is correct and the unit will not start, go to B.

E. Check the gears in the gearmotor, a chipped tooth or worn bearings will cause noise from this are a. F. Check other sources of noise, such as the fan motor or compressor. May 1995 Page 19 AFE400.

Removal And Replacement Bin Thermostat The bin thermostat controls the On and Off operation of the ice machine. The machine may take a long time to come on if the cabinet is in a cold environment. Do not change a bin thermostat because of reaction time if the ambient temperatures are extreme.

2. Remove the old rotating half of the water seal from the auger and clean the auger at the seal mounting area. 3. Apply Scotsman part number 19-0529-01 food grade sealant to the auger shoulder before pushing on the water seal. Place just enough.

When inspecting the internal parts, look for: Condition and quantity of lubricant. The proper oil level is near the top of the output (biggest) gear. This takes 5 oz. Use Scotsman oil, part number A25835-001. Bearing condition Gear and Shaft condition Woodruff key between output gear and shaft.


12. After the evaporator has been removed from the ice machine, the auger and bearings may be removed. The fasteners, auger, breaker cover, and insulation halves should be saved for use in the new evaporator.

Check for leaks with a high quality, electronic leak detector. Halide torches will not locate the very small leaks. If an ice machine is to be discarded and still contains refrigerant, Scotsman recommends that the refrigerant be recovered, reclaimed, or recycled so that it is not discharged into the air.

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