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Description: How to make text bold or italic in a web page. The differences between the bold tag and the strong tag are explained, as well as the difference between the italic tag and emphasis tag.

At first glance, HTML seems a little dippy here because there are different elements that seem to do the same thing. The bold element and strong element both render text in bold type in most browsers. The italic element and emphasis element both render text in italics in most browsers.

Seriously though, without getting bogged down in too many details, the bold element is intended as a visual element while the strong element is intended to be aural. In other words, a bold element should be displayed in bold text, but won’t necessarily be read aloud by screen readers any differently than normal text; whereas a strong element is supposed to be aurally stressed more than normal text by screen readers. The same applies to italic text (visual) and emphasized text (aural).

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