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Description: How Do Fairies Get Their Wings? Read this post to find out plus she lots of fairy wing photos for inspiration!

First, the fairy has to have a special butterfly net to catch them.  Then, the fairy needs to be in a flower garden because butterflies like flowers.  Then, fairies have to be very quiet so they don’t scare the butterflies away.  Then, the fairy has to swing the net high over her head and swoop down on the butterfly.  Then, she has to very, very carefully remove the butterfly from her net by scooping her hands.  She can’t touch their delicate wings because then they wouldn’t be able to fly anymore.  Then, with the butterfly in her scooped hands, she leans down and kisses them like this,” said Mommy as she cupped her hands together and kissed both of her thumbs.

“Then, the fairy opens her hands and lets the butterfly go.  Then, the fairy goes to sleep and when she wakes up, her wings are attached.”

“I didn’t wake up with wings,” asserted Princess P skeptically.  “You bought me wings at the Fairy Festival!”

“Yes, but you are a little girl.  You aren’t a fairy!  You’re a pretend fairy,” corrected Mommy.

So, there you have it – how fairies get their wings!  I think I’ll write a children’s story and elaborate further in a future post.  So, don’t be stealing my idea because now that it’s posted, it’s copyrighted!

Recently, we celebrated the annual Fairy Festival as Summers Past Farms in San Diego County along with several hundred other fairies.  This annual gathering of fairies is such fun for everyone, especially little girls, and it’s free!  To get caught up on our day of adventure, read my earlier posts:

On a bright, beautiful, perfect “ho-hum” day in San Diego County, fairies gathered from near and far to play, sing, take part in a Fairy Parade, meet the Disney Princesses and enter creative fairy gardens in a contest.

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