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Hi, I bought a bnew Hatori muffler for my new Evo50 last December. I chose this over the MP2 due to my flying style. I wanted a broad power range so I can have smooth low-RPM hovering around .

Yesterday after doing some mild 3D and while doing a pre-flight check for another flight, I heard something rattling inside the Hatori muffler. Its like a coin or nut is inside.

Peeped through the exhaust flange and found at a small piece of alum. tubing maybe from inside the muffler broke off.

Is this common with Hatori mufflers? What could have caused it? I never crashed with it nor had hard landings/auto or have vibrations.

Long ago one friend also had the same thing happened to his Hatori muffler used in a Fury with a .91 engine.

Is the muffler still OK to use despite the piece rattling inside, or would this cause some interference and glitch that may crash my bird?

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