John deere pto clutch lx176

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The main thing that I would check now is the battery. It must have at least 350 cranking amps to work the PTO.

Here is my standard Electric PTO answer. Hopefully this will give you some information you can use. (Yes I know some of the things that this answer tells you have already done)

First. a battery problem will cause major trouble with the PTO. It takes an enormous amount of battery energy to run an electric clutch. So if your battery is low. or goes down, the pto cannot work.

If you bought a battery from a discount store. There is a good possibility that either the battery was bad right off the bat or that it didn't have the required 350 cca that is the minimum for an electric clutch to work correctly for any length of time.

If the battery keeps going down, you could also have a problem with the charging system. Just a note about charging systems in a lawn mower. YOU CANNOT EVER JUMP-START A LAWNMOWER WITH AN AUTOMOBILE OR YOU WILL RUIN THE CHARGING SYSTEM OF THE MOWER. THE SYSTEM OF THE CAR WILL BLOW THE MOWER'S CHARGING SYSTEM.They are not compatible.

The PTO switch could also be bad causing this problem. This is a very likely thing that could cause the problem.

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