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The place started filling up rather good during DIRTY PASSION ’s set which is really good since it seemed rather empty in the beginning. I actually don’t get it why it is so hard to bring people to gigs nowadays. Of course, in Stockholm there is a huge selection of club-shows that cost less money than a regular concert but still, we are talking about Doro Pesch the Queen of Heavy Metal. At least there was a decent crowd when DORO hit the stage. She has such great energy and seems to be extremely happy performing regardless of the situation. Sure, she had some die-hard fans in the front rows giving all they got. The concert kicked off with three WARLOCK classics, “I Rule The Ruins”. “Burning The Witches” and “Fight For Rock” so it’s no wonder the crowd woke up. Doro sounded great as always. She has kept the same band for quite some time now and even if it sometimes feels like they are playing on routine it never gets boring. The energy is great and the sound awesome. Both guitarists Luca Princiotta and Bas Maas are amazing and play really well together. And it was very cool when on occasion Luca and bass player Nick Douglas changed over to keyboards. On occasion an additional keyboard player [editor's note: Harrison Young ] showed up on stage as well.

Since it was a last minute decision for me to go to this concert I didn’t check how it would go. So, I do not know it had been announced that it should be a classic set or not, but in any case the set featured a whole lot of WARLOCK tracks, which of course is really cool since the albums are super, all of them. The downside is the lack of DORO songs in the set, because she has released a lot of great albums on her own as well. Hands down, one of the absolute best moments of the show was “Für Immer” ; first because it is an amazing song, second because Doro sings awesome in this one and third, this was the song (apart from “Burning the Witches” ) where the crowd sung the most. Somewhere in the middle of the set Doro got bunch of red roses from someone in the crowd. Not the most common happening on a Metal concert but a funny feature and Doro almost seemed moved to tears.

Then I don’t get why JUDAS PRIEST ’s “Breaking the Law” should be a feature of the set; sure it was cool the first few times since it actually starts off as a ballad in the DORO version but here I would have taken an original DORO track rather than this one. The song itself is of course phenomenal still but awfully worn out these days. The last song listed was “All We Are” which of course is also a track everyone in the venue knew (and if someone didn’t it’s rather easy to catch up) and this sure also was a really high moment of the concert.

For any other band it should have been over but not with DORO. no way. The band came back out once more and started taking requests. I later learned the same thing happened in Gothenburg but it still is very cool that tracks not listed on the setlist are played. Klubben was rewarded with three additional songs; one WARLOCK track, “Hellbound”. “The Night Of The Warlock” while the last track was “Always Live To Win” which is a great way to end an awesome show.

DORO proved once more that she and no one else is the Queen of Metal and there’s no one even close to come up to her status. She is an awesome vocalist, a great stage personality and a real performer.

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