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Description: Don't miss anything on the City's calendar and find out about upcoming events in Lausanne. Municipal news Lausanne is moving, changing, and transforming. Get all of the latest municipal news here.

Don't miss anything on the City's calendar and find out about upcoming events in Lausanne. Municipal news Lausanne is moving, changing, and transforming. Get all of the latest municipal news here. Lausanne in short

    Lausanne - a portrait

    Discover Lausanne, its strengths, its characteristics, and its originality through a brief overview of the city. Lausanne of tomorrow

    A City of constant change, Lausanne knows how to adapt to new challenges by implementing large-scale projects. Lausanne in numbers All the statistical data on your city is referenced here.

Lausanne's official matters
    City Council

    The City Council is the legislative body of the City. Come discover its members, its decisions, and watch its meetings via live streaming. Municipality

    Increasing the quality of life in Lausanne is the objective pursued by the Municipality, the Executive of the City. Adminstration

    How does the municipal public service work? This section informs you about the administrative organization of Lausanne. Working in the City

    The City works to implement a fair and humane personnel policy to manage its five thousand employees. Job offers

    An important employer in the region, the City of Lausanne is hiring. Discover our job offers and how to apply. Budgets and accounts

    This section allows you to access the budgets and annual accounts of the City from 1998 to the present day. Voting, elections

    Who has the right to vote? How to participate? The City seeks to encourage citizen participation and the use of political rights. Public inquires

    The different services offer information about their projects underway and indicate how to consult files relating thereto. Public procurement

    For the sake of its development, Lausanne regularly turns to the public market via tenders. Learn about projects and procedures. Regulations and rates Would you like to know the library rules or the amount of tourism taxes? You'll find what you’re looking for here!

    Living in Lausanne

    Hier finden Sie alle praktischen Informationen und Formalitäten, die bei jeder An- und Abreise erforderlich sind. Cultural city

    The City supports sports of all kinds. Find information related to practicing sports and sporting events in Lausanne. Education in Lausanne

    In addition to all of the information related to education, this portal includes the websites of 15 Lausanne academic establishments. Social et intégration

    Cette rubrique fournit les réponses aux besoins d'aide ponctuelle ou durable, comme au domaine de l'intégration. Leisure activities and recreation

    Concerts, bars, parks, or even night clubs, Lausanne provides a wide range of entertainment. Sustainable development

    Lausanne has been committed to sustainable development for many years, find out what actions it takes on this matter. Nature and the environment

    This portal invites you to discover and enjoy all of Lausanne's natural resources. Training and research

    Lausanne is proud of having become a point of reference in several fields of higher education. Its Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and its University (UNIL) are both home to prestigious research centres. Economy and business tourism

    With just a few clicks you can get all of the information necessary for the establishment or creation of your business in the region. Industrial services SiL is a multi-service and multi-fluid supplier. Here you will find all of the information you need, including information related to their services.

    Practical information

    Administrative processes and procedures for obtaining official documents are grouped under this heading. Commande simplifiée de plans réseaux

    Consultez la plate-forme unique de l'ASIT-VD pour commmander les plans réseaux de tous les services communaux. Official site of the Canton of Vaud

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