Maclaurin series in c++

Keywords: maclaurin series in c++
Description: The Maclaurin Series is similar to Taylor Series and helps us approximate functions with polynomials.

In the last section, we learned about Taylor Series. where we found an approximating polynomial for a particular function in the region near some value x = a .

We now take a particular case of Taylor Series, in the region near x = 0. Such a polynomial is called the Maclaurin Series .

f(0)+f’(0)x` `+(f’’(0))/(2!)x^2` `+(f’’’(0))/(3!)x^3` `+(f^("iv")(0))/(4!)x^4` `+. `

f ’(0) is the first derivative evaluated at x = 0, f ’’(0) is the second derivative evaluated at x = 0, and so on.

[Note: Some textbooks call the series on this page "Taylor Series" (which they are, too), or "series expansion" or "power series".]

Photogallery Maclaurin series in c++:

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