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Our infantry budget should reflect world realities. No present or near-term peril comes close to matching the Soviet threat. The power and number of America's foreign military forces have diminished considerably in latest years; the government should hold some of the savings and reduce protecting against spending. America's infantry superiority is critical, but it should no longer cost the taxpayers $250 billion a year, which is the Pentagon's present, take from the government budget. Some call for modifications to the cold war-era doctrine that needs the armed forces to be prepared to fight two large wars at the identical time. Defense expending from 1947 to 1992 targeted programs for dealing with the Soviet amalgamation and its allies, a threat that no longer exists.

The issue of defense of the country should be priority for every government. It is very good that American government conceived such strong armed detachment with the most modern appliances and scheme of defense. The United States should be cognizant of confrontations and terrorists' proceeds. It charges a allotment of money, but safety of citizens should be supplied in the first place. Every American feels that he is his own homeland and he can be certain that in case of the war he and his family will be protected. The US is currently expending close to $300 billion a year on infantry spending. In the Past-Cold conflict time span; this represents a huge waste of public capital.

In my attitude government expends too much cash on military. The Congress should downsize the US infantry budget. Let's face.

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