Miniature rabbits

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Hello and welcome to the home of my Mini Lops, I have been breeding rabbits and mini lops on and off for over 20 years now, my site gives you an insight into the breed and also the care and attention of looking after a rabbit if you are first time homes.

Why buy a bunny from me? well I offer all my new homes a life time guarantee of help and advice and i am always just a call, text or email away whatever the problem may be.

All my rabbits are pure mini lops and are all very spoilt so only good homes are right for any baby bunnies i have for re-homing.

All my bunnies come with a seven day health guarentee, information sheet, Birth Certificate and a life time of help and support.

I have various litters due throughout the year and do run a waiting list for my very wanted babies, if you choose to reserve a baby i send weekly news letters to you with a up to date picture of your chosen baby until it is ready to come home with its new owners. I also upload hundreds of photos to the Facebook page just follow the link above.

My bunnies are handled every day and have no behaviour problems when leaving they are all used to be handled kissed and turned upside down etc.

If you are going to contact a few breeders that is a great idea, there are some really good breeders out there but there are also some really bad ones so please be careful you are buying a healthy pure bred mini lop bunny, the amount of emails i receive over the year from people that have bought from elsewhere as they were doing a deal on two bunnies or were £5 cheaper and are now very poorly or most of the time needing to be put to sleep is shocking so please be careful

Please do get in touch if you need any help and advice i am honestly happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am now based in Castle Vale Birmingham B35 United Kingdom! as much as i am thrilled to get a lot of emails from my USA friends I can not import them to America.

Please do not copy the information for your web page from my web site! i am happy for you to put a link to my web site from your own site. I take copying very seriously.

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