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Is there any better way to welcome in a new year of cycling adventure than with a Lynskey titanium frameset? It just so happens that Nashbar is the exclusive North American online retailer for Lynskey framesets – and we currently have nine different 2015 road and cyclocross models to choose from.

But first, a bit about Lynskey. The Lynskey name has long been synonymous with meticulously crafted, world-renowned titanium frames and components. They flat out know titanium. They know how it bends and stretches. They know how it reacts and performs. When it comes to bicycle design, Lynskey knows how to influence titanium better than anyone else in the world. The art of machining, cutting, welding, and polishing titanium demands a meticulous focus. And in an age when nearly every bicycle on the market is made in Asia, Lynskey continues to build their titanium masterworks by hand in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

First up is the Lynskey R460 – a pro-quality superbike that will last a lifetime. Built from tough 6AL/4V titanium, the R460 is a true road racing machine that’s quick, agile, and indestructible. Included with the R460 is the perfect fork to match the frame’s thoroughbred pedigree – the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

Looking for a literal twist on a world-class titanium road frameset? The Helix is your dream come true. At the heart of this frameset is Lynskey’s ingenious Helix Technology which entails spirally twisting the 3AL/2.5V grade titanium down tube and seat stays to increase the torsional, vertical, and horizontal stiffness of the frame. Included with the Helix frame is the perfect fork to complement such a magnificent, race-ready thoroughbred – the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

The Lynskey R240 is their most popular frameset as it’s fully capable to handle the performance demands of road competition all the while providing enough comfort to make your longest of rides a superbly pleasant endeavor. This frameset also includes the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

If medium to long-distance road riding is your cup of tea – particularly events like grand fondos – the Lynskey Sportive road frame and fork delivers on all counts. Its 3AL/2.5V titanium tubing features curved seatstays for added comfort while the semi-relaxed geometry makes the Sportive a well-balanced and reliable machine for long days, rough roads, commutes, light touring, and just about any road you decide to explore. This frameset also includes the #2 Lynskey Pro Carbon Tapered Road Fork.

The Lynskey R265 frame and fork is Lynskey’s modern rendition of the classic road bike — lovingly rendered in titanium, of course. The frame’s double and triple-butted 3/2.5 aerospace grade titanium tubeset is responsive, compliant, and rides with silky smoothness. This frameset includes the #1 Lynskey Pro Carbon Road Fork.

Perhaps the perfect long distance road bike is the Lynskey R265 road disc frame and fork, featuring all the attributes of the aforementioned R265 but set up for disc brakes. This frameset includes the #3 Lynskey Pro Carbon Disc Road Fork.

Brand new for 2015, the Lynskey R140 road frame and fork provides real-world affordability that is firmly steeped in three decades of high performance titanium bike building heritage from the Lynskey brothers. Included with the R140 frame is a fork worthy of the frame’s pedigree and on-the-road performance – the #1 Lynskey Pro Carbon Road Fork.

Light, stiff, strong, bombproof, and built to last a lifetime. That’s the essence of the Lynskey ProCross frame and fork – a titanium dream machine designed for the rigors of cyclocross no matter if you’re seeking the top step of the podium or enjoying an epic day in the woods exploring fire roads and trails. The perfect complement to the ProCross is the fork included with frameset — the #4 Lynskey Pro Carbon Cyclocross Disc Fork.

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