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Description: LED neon use in the home using ac-dc adaptor 110V. Installs in bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

You can mount LED or neon products in your for stunning effects. Typical locations include under cabinets, under bars, shelving, behind TV's and Decor. LED lights are great for home theater lighting and night club looks. All you need is a 12V AC-DC adaptor to power LED or neon products. LEDs run off of DC current and your home uses 110V AC. You cannot hook LEDs directly to your walls power! You need an AC-DC adaptor. These AC-DC converters are used on your portable electronics or cordless telephones, answering machines, cell phones etc. You can always use their AC-DC adaptor to power your leds as long as they have 9V-14V output. You simply cut the end connector off and splice the wires. Or, you can buy a more powerful LED designed 12V Power Supply HERE.

Cut the connector off and wire to your leds or neons! This is a common AC-DC adaptor sold or used on electronics which you may already own.

You won't need more than 16 gauge wire to do most installs. LEDs and neon products use very low current. Typically a 24 gauge wire is sufficient to run in your home to hard to reach locations. Custom wiring will be needed in the wall. Typically, a contractor is needed to run the wires in existing walls. If your home is not finished yet, it’s the perfect time to wire your home before sheetrocking.

If you want to install LED lights in already fixtures, all you need to know is the type of bulb it uses. Most houses in the US use E27 socket bulbs. If you have track lighting it will either use MR16 or GU10 bulbs. You can easily create nice effects by replacing the bulbs with colorful LED replacements.

Besides the looks factor you create in your home, power savings is another factor. You could easily save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill a year if you replaced many of the common accent lighting in your home with LED lighting. LEDs will usually use 10x less power than typical light bulbs giving out the same light output. That makes them 10x more efficient.

Example installs of led LED technology in home bathroom. Custom wiring will be required to get power to hard to reach locations. 12V power is also save in such wet area's incase of contact.

Example installs of LED technology in your home living room. Again, the hardest part is getting power to the locations to mount the led lighting.

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