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Bingham Court is a collection of townhouses designed by noted architect I. M. Pei in the 1960's as part of the extremely successful rejuvenation of Society Hill that was orchestrated by Philadelphia's legendary urban planner Edmund Bacon .

Bingham Court is certainly not as famous (or as controversial) as the Pei Pyramid that now provides the stunning entrance to the Palais du Louvre. Bingham Court is not even as famous as Pei's other major Philadelphia contribution, the massive Society Hill Towers. Nevertheless, for those who live here, Bingham Court is a pleasing, quiet, and well-located place to call home, even if it is not on the list of Pei's most notable works.

The intention of the site is that it should be useful to the residents (or potential residents) of Bingham Court. In particular, it will aim to archive public information of interest to the Bingham Court Community about governance, board members, fees, special assessments, and taxes.

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Bingham Court sits between 4th Street and 3rd Street and between Willings Alley and Spruce Street. It is in the heart of Society Hill, about three blocks from Independence Hall and three blocks from Head House Square, which was a bustling market area in colonial times and which is now each summer the home of a wonderful farmers' market. Bingham Court is also a short walk to (yet fortunately insulated from) Philadelphia's Famous South Street .

The Bingham Court townhouses form two clusters. There are seventeen townhouses that surround the central garden, and to many people it is this group of houses that defines "Bingham Court." There are also ten Pei townhouses along a half block of a walking street now called St. Joseph's Way. Before Bacon's rejuvenation of Society Hill this was a car-accessible street called Oriana Street, but, when it was made into a walking street, it was renamed in recognition of the peaceful path that it provides to the historic Old Saint Joseph's Church that is directly across Willings Alley from Bingham Court.

Incidentally, Bingham Court is name after William Bingham (1752-1804), colonial consul to Martinique and at one time the richest man in America. In 1856, there was a fire in Bingham Court that destroyed many homes and businesses. According to the April 12, 1856 report in the New York Times . the damage exceed $350,000 --- a substantial antebellum sum.

Since the creation of Pei's cluster of townhouses, Bingham Court has been governed under the terms of a home owners' association agreement, and all residents are bound by the agreement as a condition of ownership. The board of the association consists of three members elected for a one year term by the owners of the Bingham Court Townhouses.

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