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Description: Pictures and photos from North America including the USA, Canada and Alaska

North America is comprised of a total of 23 countries, from Canada to the USA to Mexico and Cuba. It contains countries with some of the largest land mass in the world, and is the third largest continent on earth with some of the most stunning and varied scenery. North America is connected to South America and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It has something to offer everyone from the natural beauty of Alaska to the sandy beaches of the south.

. Continue gallery information: Places in Canada for example have snow in the winter, fresh flowers in the spring, sun in the summer and fallen leaves in the fall. As the land travels south, closer to the equator and South America, the climate becomes hotter and the seasons less varied, but an area with four distinct seasons is something that is attractive to many.

From anyone who has ever visited North America or even seen photographs of the land, one thing can be said for sure; North America is a beautiful part of the world. As it rests on the North American Plate, tall and magnificent mountains seem to rise out of the ocean, while other parts of it are flat and stretch as far as the eye can see. Western Canada is known for its temperate rain forests, and if you travel further down the coast, California contains some beautiful beaches. On the east coast, Florida also has stunning beaches, while the east coast of Canada is known for its history and its ties to the sea. Photographs of this part of the world are often breathtaking, and one of the best aspects to traveling here, is that someone could just spend all their vacations on this continent and never see it all.

Some may say this land does not have as much history as other continents, as it was considered the 'New World', but it is comprised of countries with rich and varied pasts and each one is worth a visit and an in-depth look.

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