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For all a surgery's periodontal needs, dentists and practice managers need to look no further than the Dental Directory. The Dental Directory provides a vast range of products available to treat patients for periodontal conditions. Whether it is a cavitron, curette or chlorhexidine rinse that the surgery might need, Dental Directory says that all orders are picked, packed, and dispatched the same day.

The Dental Directory stock a selection of flosses and oral hygiene aids to help ensure the success of treatment to patients. For more information phone The Dental Directory on 0800 585586.

The inaccessibility of the area combined with the lack of sight and patient sensitivity are what make periodontal treatment onerous and time consuming. It was these issues that precipitated the development of the Vector, which Durr claims is an instrument that does not rotate within pockets, but instead has a linear action allowing the user to penetrate deep without risking contact with either dentine or soft tissue.

This is achieved through the action of the hand piece that, if compressed horizontally will divert automatically in an angle of exactly 90°, thus oscillating parallel to the tooth surface. For more information call 01933 671990.

DMDS Ltd have recently launched the smallest, most affordable laser in the company's history. The DioLase ST is small enough to fit into a briefcase and the new DioLase ST soft tissue laser weighs just 11lbs (5kg). DMDS claims it is the first diode laser designed specifically for dentistry from the ground up. Applications range from gingivectomy and crown lengthening to laser curettage.

The laser is directed through a jacketed glass clad silica fibre, both this and the hand piece are fully autoclaveable for complete sterilisation. Priced at £15,000 + VAT, it could prove to be the most affordable dental laser on the market. Complete educational DioLase ST training programmes will be taking place in the near future. Simply contact DMDS for details

DMDS also have an after sales policy which they claim will take care of any lasers servicing needs on site in Canterbury, providing dentists with a prompt and efficient after sales service. Also the after sales team will also be happy to service any other make of laser and all intra-oral cameras including DMDS' Telicam and Telicam Elite.

Henry Schein's dental scaling range of instruments include the Hu-Friedy's Satin Swivel Ultrasonic. Henry Schein claims this revolutionary Satin Swivel Ultrasonic Insert minimises drag from the hand piece cord.

Henry Schein also claims the Satin Swivel makes it easy to: roll the instrument slightly in your fingertips, just as you would a hand instrument; move from tooth to tooth or arch to arch without having to stop scaling to turn the insert, encouraging smoother, more efficient scaling and work more quickly and with less effort.

The Satin Swivel Ultrasonic Insert has a large diameter handle with a soft silicone grip to reduce finger pinching and enhance tactile sensitivity.

Until recently, the majority of dentists and hygienists have polished their patients' teeth using a medium or coarse grit prophy paste. Although this method has been perfectly fine KerrHawe have revolutionised the prophylaxis market with the all-in-one, Cleanic prophy paste.

KerrHawe claims the paste both cleans and polishes in one run thus saving dentists time and giving the patients cleaner, smoother teeth, for longer. The Cleanic prophy paste from KerrHawe is based on Perlite technology. Perlite is a naturally occurring product that changes under pressure from coarse grain to fine grain.

KerrHawe claims in contrast to other more abrasive materials, Cleanic prophy paste provides maximum cleaning and optimal polishing of the tooth structure, encompassing minimal abrasion.

Supplied in 200 hygienic individual pots per pack at less than 15p per full mouth application, they also claim patients will certainly feel the difference with Cleanic prophy paste.

For further information or to order telephone KerrHawe on 01733 260998 or contact your preferred dealer.

Corsodyl mouthwash from GlaxoSmithKline is recommended by 99% of dentists for the front line prevention and treatment of gingivitis.

GSK claims Corsodyl is many dentists' choice of medicated mouthwash. It contains 0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate, which makes it particularly effective as a treatment for gingivitis and other oral disorders such as the management of recurrent oral ulceration and oral candidal infections.

Corsodyl mouthwash is available in original or mint flavour in 300ml bottles (also mint flavour 600ml bottle) and also for localised use as a 50g gel or 60ml dental spray. For further information call 0208 047 5000.

Complimenting Grafton's oral hygiene range of 'over the counter' retail products, the company have recently launched an exciting brand new range of Tocola flosses. The Tea Tree Oil Floss is supplied in 12 packs x 100 yards of waxed floss.

Grafton claims the Tea Tree coating on the floss helps to neutralise the bacteria that may be cause of bad breath. They say that the baking soda waxed floss tastes minty and the baking soda element is also thought to help prevent halitosis.

The Floss-Ups are supplied in bags of 36 x 12 units and may be used either as floss or a handy toothpick. Grafton claims the long plastic handle helps in flossing molars and these disposable Floss-Ups are an ideal way of introducing flossing to children.

The unit price for both Tea Tree and Baking Soda Floss is £1.20 per pack, Grafton suggest a retail price of £2.25 per pack. Floss-Ups are priced at £1.00 with a suggested retail price of £1.89 per pack. (All prices are subject to the addition of VAT).

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