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Description: A terminal or comm server commonly provides out-of-band access for multiple devices.

A terminal or comm server commonly provides out-of-band access for multiple devices. A terminal server is a router with multiple, low speed, asynchronous ports that are connected to other serial devices, for example, modems or console ports on routers or switches.

The terminal server allows you to use a single point to access the console ports of many devices. A terminal server eliminates the need to configure backup scenarios like modems on auxiliary ports for every device. You can also configure a single modem on the auxiliary port of the terminal server, to provide dial-up service to the other devices when network connectivity fails.

This document shows how to configure a terminal server to access only the console ports on other routers through Reverse Telnet. Reverse Telnet allows you to establish a Telnet connection out on the same device you telnet from, but on a different interface. For more information on Reverse Telnet refer to Managing Telnet Sessions.

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