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Description: The variables used in the WorldPay version of the shopping cart.

Your WorldPay Installation ID. If you are not sure what this is. Login into the WorldPay Administration Server. You can find the Installation ID in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

A decimal number used by the shopping cart giving the total cost of the purchase in terms of the currency unit chosen by the merchant.

A parameter for your own reference which allow you to track the order. It is returned to the merchant by email and / or server callback depending on how you have chosen be informed of the purchase.

A 3 letter ISO code representing currency used for payment. For example USD represents United States dollars, GBP British pounds and EUR Euros.

Can be used by the merchant to put the account in to test mode. This allows test purchases to be made without using a credit cart.

For normal testing which always results in a successful authorisation for the order, this is set to 100.

transaction. The WorldPay server first tries accId1. If this can not be used for for any reason, it selects the first valid account it can find based on the testMode value and the currencies available. This variable is optional but may be useful if you have more than one live account.

Selects which authorisation mode to use. The default setting for this is "A" for full Auth. This means the transaction is processed immediately by the Worldpay server and the customers card charged.

For Pre-Auth transactions the setting is "E". This allows the merchant up to 5 working days to complete the order and debit the customers card.

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