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Description: Steptoe and Son: Watch full length episodes & video clips. Read the latest Steptoe and Son episode guides & recaps, fan reviews, news, and much more.

Steptoe and Son first came to our screens 50 years ago. Love them or hate them, they changed English comedy and sitcoms forever.

Starring Wilfrid Brambell as the "dirty old man" father and Harry.H.Corbett as the poor son, who is caught in a trap which he can't escape. The sitcom is set around their business of Rag and Bone, with their trusty steed "Hercules" pulling the cart all day every day!

If eight series' weren't enough there was two Christmas specials and two feature length movies! Starring the most famous Rag and Bone men ever to walk the earth. With Harold trying so incredible hard to better himself each time, by either taking up a new hobby, creating a name for himself or just trying to get a girlfriend, his dad would always mess it up for him. No matter what happened

Sometimes, I think to myself I carry the Harold Steptoe curse, I always try to better myself or try and get a girlfriend and it never works out the way as planned.

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