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First of all - I would like to say that we’re not beginners and shot weddings before (we just haven’t faced this situation yet). I won’t be posting any pictures of this episode to protect the B&G’s privacy and yes, I’m using a pseudonym. That’s our website and the pictures there are the same ones we showed to the bride in order for her to hire us.

Short long story: Bride hires us to shoot an engagement session and her wedding. She warns us upfront that the groom does not like to have his picture taken. At the engagement session the Groom is very uncomfortable and uncooperative. She almost needs to beg for the groom to cooperate. We get to overhear the groom mumbling things like “stupid pictures” and “stupid photographers”.

At the wedding day groom is actively avoiding pictures. He turns his back to the camera and does not stay in the same room as the photographers. Nevertheless, we manage to take pictures of him and his party getting ready for the ceremony. The ceremony goes on outdoors, and it’s a very hot summer day. Light is harsh, but we managed to get really great pictures.

Since the wedding is happening at a winery, we used a ladder to take the formal shots from a certain height - so we can show the vineyards in the background. We manage to get all the formals the couple asked for, but since it’s too hot they decide they don’t want to do any more pictures and we head to the party.

The party goes on and we keep doing our job, taking pictures of the decorations, first dance, speeches, and all the usual stuff. The groom does not stay with the bride for much long and rather stay outdoors smoking pot with his buddies. We’re not quite sure if the bride is aware of this.

After the cake, we get ready to pack our stuff. My partner inadvertently bumps lightly into the groom. The groom turns at him and says “way to go, d*ck”. We suck it up, say goodbye to the Bride, congratulate her for her day and leave. The groom is nowhere to be seen.

We deliver the dvd at the time scheduled. The dvd includes the selected / edited pictures and all the pictures taken throughout the day, in separated folders.

One week after delivery, we get an email from the bride saying she’s disappointed with the pictures, that we made her cry and that both her husband and her mother in law are outraged by the lack of good quality pictures.

She goes on and writes down a list of pictures we didn’t take, such as “No picture of the cover of the cufflinks box” or “No pictures taken of escort card tree” and complains about the “amount of pictures taken from behind” of the groom - among other stuff. She complains about the catchlight on people’s eyes, on the arrangement of the people on the formals, that people were looking up at the formals. She also complains about pretty much every non edited picture on the “all pictures” folder. At the end, she demands a partial refund of the money she paid.

Me and my partner are totally baffled by it all. It seems like the groom set us a trap and made the bride’s mind into thinking all the pictures were not good. We could confront her and reply every point she raised on her email (she didn’t gave us a list with all the pictures she requested, we brought the ladder to show the vineyards, etc) and we could also bring the fact that the groom was extremely uncooperative and rude to us since the beginning - We just don’t know if that would be the best approach to this situation.

What would you guys do? Suck it up and let it go? Stand by your work and (maybe) face a legal action? Try to find a middle term? We refuse to take any more pictures from them after all that happened.

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