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I am a professional wedding DJ for a living and I was booked for a wedding at Villa Olivia. I was looking forward to this wedding all year long. This wedding was pretty special to me as it was a close friend of mine, and my brother was the Best Man. I usually arrive at my events about 2 hours early to set up, it usually only takes me about 45 minutes to set up, but just in case anything goes wrong, I have enough time to fix anything that may go array.

I arrived at Villa Olivia to see that every room was booked. I was immediately greeted by the manager Allen with a nasty attitude. He stated that the wedding was going to be in the back room, however I could not go in because of the birthday party that was going on. The wedding started at 5pm, and he said I could not get into the room until 4pm to set up. I do understand that if there is a party that is booked, set up had to be delayed, however there was NO need for this manager to right away give me attitude and to mock me. Hey, everyone has a bad day once in a while, but there was no need for how he treated me. I asked Allen if there was any way that I could unload my equipment somewhere. I know that they have work to do, as I do have work to do myself. That’s when he walked away mocking me say…. “oh she has work to do, she's got to set up.” That was VERY unprofessional, and VERY uncalled for. He was acting like a 9 year old child. There was another party that could hear what was being said. I did yell back to Allen and said there was no need to talk to me like he did. So I sat at the bar and waited.

Finally Allen said I was allowed me to bring my equipment into the room. As I finished bringing my equipment into the room, I was greeted by another man that stated that I was not allowed to bring anything else in the room because they had to clean the room up. So I said fine. I was extremely upset at this point. SO again I sat back at the bar. So while they are cleaning, I decided to go set up anyways seeing that I was to DJ the ceremony and reception. Again, I was there to work also. Wedding ceremony and reception went well from my stand point. Until the end of the night arrived.

As the party came to an end, I played my last song of the night, and was finished by the time the venue agree upon which was promptly at 11:30pm. I immediately start to break my equipment down. At approximately 11:45, a man by the name of Curt told my husband and I that we needed to hurry up and get out, as he has had a long day. Well Curt, so did we. At record time, I was able to break down all of my equipment, speakers, uplighting, mics, controller, and have it all packed in my car by midnight. Which midnight was the last shuttle, so there were still people from the wedding inside of the venue. A 30 minute breakdown is a great time for me, but apparently Curt was not happy with my speed.

If I did not have my husband there to assist me, my breakdown time would take a lot longer. Allen, Curt and Sheri were all completely unprofessional, and rude. This wedding was for a friend of mine, and the staff here was absolutely ridiculous, and completely ruined my day. Besides a wonderful server named Daniele. She was absolutely amazing. That girl deserves to have Allen’s management position and should get one hell of a raise! She not only was compassionate but a great people person to say the least.

The sad part about this whole situation is that I have DJ’ed at this venue before and I had nothing but kind things to say. But now I will not rest until I make sure that anyone that plans on booking reads this review. Also any professionals that may have a gig here in the future to watch themselves. I will make sure that this review will be posted on every social media outlet.

Never will I ever recommend this place to anyone. I have never been treated like that in my entire life. I hope that Villa Olivia will take this review and make some MUCH NEEDED changes. And while your at it, maybe work on being kind to people.

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