Abarth Coupe Sestriere 800

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Description: abarth cars, parts and tuning by guy moerenhout, Fiat-, Lancia-, Simca-, Lada- and all other ABARTH. Place to be: abarth works museum / guy moerenhout racing / industriestraat 1 / LIER / BELGIUM

>> now in stock ,the famous wingextentions like the Brundza Lada 1600 in Acropolis rally Also for 1500(2103) etc. more.

>> in 2016 we start again with 2 ,3 our more team in this fantastic rally .Interested ?take contact more.

>> abarth squadra storico will drive with 2 Fiat 125 Ritmo Abarth in Legend Boucles Bastogne. One will be driven by Ex Premier Minister Guy Verhofstadt / Guido DeVreker the other guy moerenhout/ Filip de munck more.

>> belguim classic tour 2014 guy moerenhout-filip de munck overal winners with Fiat 125 S ex Paul Frйre car. Abarth prepareted more.

>> Rally cursus navigatietechnieken eerste les op 22 maart om 9h30,4578.msg12441/topicseen.html#msg12441 more.

>> guy moerenghout -filip de munck wil start with the Fiat 131 Abarth again in 2013. After a 4',2',4' place this time whe will go for 1'(I hope)The spirit is already there more.

>> Team guy moerenhout/Filip DeMunck 3' general clas. Clas winner 2012 with Fiat 131 Abarth Team Elke Visser/ Ken Vanoers 8' gen. in group with Fiat 131 Abarth diesel more.

>> Team guy Moerenhout/ filip Demunck on Fiat 125 S Abarth 1 gen. in the Classic Tour section. 17' Memorial Gilbert Staepelare more.

>> I like them ,so now a 3 Fiat 125 S for rally in our place fitted with rallyengine,rally seats and suspention .You can buy him our rent him for your nex rally more.

>> Abarth Corse was a team from 3 Coupes ,On this moment whe are 4 coupe building to do the same what Abarth did with this cars :Racing more.

>> Lada 1600 in Spa Legends .Filip De Munck will drive the Lada this time and I will do service. more.

>>,394.0.html Whe will start in this Rally.If you are interested to contact us our send a mail.Open to al classic and sport cars .Starter our old rallydrivers(like whe) more.

>> two beta coupe for rally now for sale .Very special cars and fast more.

>> all rally parts for fiat 2300 now on order .Weber triple intake manifold ,door ,front bonnet,rear bonnet in polyester/glasfiber and many more. more.

>> on 12 till 14 june its back Abarth fun in Italy.Many abarth will take part in the demo Hill Clim This year in sign of Abarth.Will take part with the Fiat 124 Abarth group 4 more.

>> 2 till 8 may nex big Rally for Abarth Squadra Storica,this time with a Fiat 125 S ex abarth prepared car more.

>> You wish to start in the Mille Miglia ,mayby with a 4x4 ,yes I have for sale a Fiat Campagnola and a Alfa Romeo Matta to do this .Also some Fiat 1100/103 cars and Abarth DB more.

>> a nex big rally will be the Tulip Rally +_ 2500 km FR. BE. NL with the ex Paul Frere 125 S more.

>> Fiat 125 Abarth(Loix)4 general Lancia M.C.(Vande)12 general Fiat 131 Abarth(guy moerenhout) 7 general visit us in Spa during service our regroup Abarth squadra storica in rally more.

>> Loix on Fiat 125 abarth gr A Duval on Fiat 124 Abarth Vande on Lancia Monte Carlo Guy moerenhout Fiat 131 Abarth Wery/Briar on Fiat 124 Abarth abarth Belguim dream team in Spa Legends more.

>> abarth will go back to rallys(historic)with abarth squadra storico in Spa Legends.Big squadra with mayby 4 our 5 cars and the pilots :Freddy Loix,Francois Duval,Vande(JP Vandewauwer and guy moerenhout.ALso mayby a Ex F1 driver will come in the team .Only more.

>> Freddy Loix have take contact to drive Spa Legends with the ex Factory Fiat 125 Ritmo Abarth group A in this famous Belguim Rally.Let us see whats happen more.

>> Franзois Duval have taken also contact with us and testdrive a Fiat 124 Abarth gr 3 for Spa Legends.Now its on sponsors to do more.

>> In 2010 whe will do this famous rally again .I did this last time in 1993.Now already two teams will start :Koos Visser/Ken Van OErs on Fiat Abarth 695 and whe with Filip DeMunck on Fiat 125 S (abarth prepared ex Paul Frere)will be on start ot 5 days rall more.

>> 20 fev.2010 already a legend is the Spa Legends Rally,many famous drivers come to Ardennes to drive in the wood on gravel,tarmac,snow and eys.You can do it also and rent a legend Rallycar more.

>>. Liege-Rome-Liege. 2009-07-06.,324.0.html Cooperation between Historic Mercedes 450 Slc team and Abarth squadra Storica in Liege -Rome -Liege Revival more. more.

>> on 7 febr will be abarth squadra storico with 4 cars on the start in this Fiva rally that count for the B.NL.D. cup more.

>> a ex Fiat Italy works 124 Rally now in for sale our renting .A rare Azzurro .For more than 25 years stored so now rust and very good condion.Will be rebuild like it was new for testing because it was a old press car Fiat Italy more.

>> The Belgian Rally Tour is a Maraton Rally 1350 km long and whe wins this with our Fiat 131 Abarth more.

>> the first test with the volumex car was all ok and is very,very fast.Whe drove the Short Rally Kasterlee more.

>> Rallystonerally;after 3 dags off driving I finnish 6'general and first outside belguim .Lots off gravel ,rain and bad roads ,I like it .First day 17',second day 12',last day 6 gen.Fun more.

>> on 28/3 whe will take the start in this international rally.Its the old Firestone Rally in Bilbao Nord Spain .I will start with 131 abarth and Filip De Munck like copilot more.

>> a rallyschool will be opened in our place.It will see how to start rally,build rallycars,copilote help,starting in a rally etc.It will have own cars so you can fly in and drive with a abarth our fiat sport more.

>> I intend to prepare this car for regularity rally FIVA. Are you interested or do you wish to buy it. more.

>> two cars on start ,two on finnish I was 9 ' gen. with first time drive 131 abarth a second 124 abarth was 31 ' on 550 km rally more.

>> new small serie Campagnolo style for Fiat 131 Abarth now for sale for a set 2500 euro plus vat and duty more.

>> a dalarra kit is now in our programe and you can also order a complete car, more.

>> fiat 128,128 coupe and 128P gr 2 wingextentions the big and small types .Send mail for photo our see in forum more.

>> I have now complete gamma off polyester front and rear bonnet,and wingextention kit in our gamma.Also possible to have polyester /glasfiber doors more.

>> We have new item in stock - Lancia Beta Coupe extensions. it is a bigger versions like on factory car group 4

>> This dashbords serie I & II complete like on the photo are for sale. price for one is 1000 euro. more.

>> Legend Boucles Bastogne 2015 two teams will take part in this 30 % gravel rally and mayby lots of snow to more.

>> our collection is now Ok ; Outside the Abarth 131 Supermirafiori I have now also the Abarth Volumetrico 2P 2000cc on the 131 Racing base in stock. more.

>> our nex fiat abarth 1300 OT GMR will be a good copy of the original thanks to a original that whe have in our place.Look in our forum for info and follow up.This will be a part of our 850 OT collection more.

>> fiat abarth 1000 OT berlina fiat abarth 1000 OT spider fiat abarth 1300 OT periscope fiat abarth 1000 OT Coupe serie 2 all in remake our real ,standing togheter in our place.Some more will come more.

>> need info about righthanddrive Fiat Abarth Sestriere. Its a cat that come from Rhodesia and drive after some race in GB .Fitted with the rare 800 cc engine more.

>> back in sales programe AVO shocks for Abarth ,Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo.With regulation ideal for classic rally cars more.

>> the Ultimate remake Abarth Monomille now for sale .Have a look in our forum to believe this. more.

>> no 5 will arrive shortly in our place .A old rally car will be ready to drive again in some rally .Mayby you wish to rent it for your nex rally. more.

>> two rally 2300 S coupe now for sale .One rally, one full option See forum for more info Buil like the Fiat 2300 S abarth Corsa more.

>> now rebuilding the corsa and Record 2300 coupe for racing ,info and parts needing ,Al help welcome more.

>> Spa Legends 2010:Fiat 124 Abarth for Duval Fiat 125 Abarth for Loix Fiat 131 Abarth for Guy moerenhout/De Munck Lancia Monte Carlo for VANDE Belgian Abarth Dream Team under Abarth Squadra Storico banner more.

>> nex in remake famous rallycars with fiat engine will be the car that Zannini etc drive .I am looking for info and fotos from it.I have body kit and wheels already more.

>>,324.0.html Cooperation between Historic Mercedes 450 Slc team and Abarth squadra Storica in Liege -Rome -Liege Revival more.

>> urgent need some photos from the Fiat 242 in Alitalia,Oliofiat and Fiat Abarth colors.Now whe have the cars whe need colors more.

>> For renting in Fiva rally ,contact us .It are remake group 4 models .Also Fiat 124 group 4 remake for sale our renting more.

>> Grand Meeting Abarth du 22 au 24 mai 2009 au chвteau de Savigny les Beaune (21). "30 ans de la commйmoration de la disparition de Carlo Abarth" more.

>> I start on a reamke long noze bialbero;possible with lots off original parts.Now fitted in one a real Abarth Bialbero engine more.

>> abarth 030 remake now for sale .Its a good deal and you can direct drive it our fit bigger engine more.

>> on end off june whe will do back again the silverflag with the 124 abarth group 4 this time more.

>> in 2006 whe wish to do the worldmeeting in Spa Francochamps with SPAITALIA end june 2006,what you think of it rally tourist,race and demo on circuit,hillclim ,food,drinks and the music off Abarth and all Italian cars Two days fun ,MAIL me more.

>> abarth OT collection: fiat abarth1300 OT periscope fiat abarth 1000 OTS fiat Abarth 1000 spider Fiat Abarth 1000 OT berlina Fiat Abarth Scorpione 1000 Fiat Abarth Scorpione 1300 more.

>> AVO - Performance Suspension our classic cars can be with special shocks for race our rally more.

>> a nice collection :Fiat Abarth 1000 OT berline; Fiat Abarth 1000 OT spider ,fiat Abarth OTR coupe ,Fiat Abarth OTS serie 2 Fiat Abarth1300 OT ,all to see in our museum more.

>> abarth 1000 cuneo 2x cars for sale via German owner (Siekmann) one original engine ;one original head with belts and a A112 1050 bloc .see in forum for more info more.

>> Beta 's in all size: a Volumex a 1800 coupe ,a Monte Carlo,A 2000 coupe,A 1600 berline,a HPE 2000 ie,a Rally Beta, whish type you are looking for its in our museum for sale more.

>> yes ,one of the last Abarth cars made is now in for sale .A Volumetrico.Iff you dont now him go to our forum more.

>> almost ready whe will also rebuild this Corsa like a Rally car and mayby he can go to Mille Miglia to.The make only +-25 cars from this type more.

>> in need of fast old service VAN,Tipo 1600 cc, 5 speed gearbox,4 dix brake,special shocks and fast more.

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