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Description: Offered is an OT1000 Abarth complete motor. Engine number: 4146348 Abarth: A/B 202 /B This motor was sourced out of Italy in 2004 by a Gentleman here

This motor was sourced out of Italy in 2004 by a Gentleman here in the Northwest USA to be used in a Berlina Corsa 1000 recreation. The motor was shipped from Italy to the US as a complete and assembled piece but needing rebuild.

The motor was taken apart and the rebuild started but not completed. I purchased the Berlina with this motor disassembled. My plan was to simply complete the build of the motor and use it in the car. However, I have since acquired a 112 1050 motor and since I vintage race I am using the 112 motor and will now sell the 202 motor to someone with a more accurate application.

I have the reciept for the purchase in Italy and also the Fedex shipping documents for the transport. Both the motor and the transport were expensive.

The rebuild was started but not completed. The block is done with the cylinders prepared for the new set of 65 mm JE pistons and rings which are included. The Abarth 74mm Crank is done and the main and rod bearings are with the motor. The entire bottom end is ready to go. The cylinder is in great condition but has not yet been gone through. New valve springs and valves are there and ready for install. New ARP rod bolts are with the original and correct rods and the rods have been resized with the new bolts. New ARP head bolts are also supplied as well as new push rods.

The cam shaft is used but in very good condition. On the end of the cam shaft it is written: Abarth CX/6 113. I think this is correct, its a bit difficult to read. On the end of the crank shaft it is written: ABA 202 / 5 /67 1342.

I have receipts for $1392.00 in machine work and $1391.48 in parts. That does not include the ARP head bolts and push rods that I sourced.

This is a very high quality project and will be easy to take over and finish. Well engineered and a rare and unique Abarth motor.

Shipping or transporting the motor will be extra cost additional to the auction sell price. We will box all the parts and ship them separately or in one big box as you need.

If you have any questions, please call and ask for Bob or Joe. Bob’s cell phone number is 541.543.6791.

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