Bentley Continental Mulliner R

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Bentley Continental R, 1992, #NCH42015, Mulliner Park Ward Coupй. The large glass areas led to massive frames surrounding the sidelights; the doors are cut into the roof.

At the 1984 Geneva Motor Show "Project 90" had been exhibited by Rolls-Royce and this was a really impressive full size mock-up of a future Bentley Coupй. Thus the manufacturer had gone to previously unheard of expenses in market research. Reactions had been so enthusiastic that within five years the company had developed a completely new Coupй and this was unveiled to the public as the Bentley Continental R at the Geneva Motor Show in March, 1991. Based on the Bentley Turbo R floorpan an aerodynamically shaped 2 + 2 coupй body had been styled. There is a taboo in the aeronautical industry against introducing new aircraft with new engines, and this was followed by Rolls-Royce in the case of the new Continental R. The well-proven turbocharged engine from the Bentley Turbo R had been chosen to power what one reporter termed as a sort of "Crewe's Missile". The Bentley Continental S was built as a variant in a limited series only. That model sported an engine with turbocharger and intercooler, and then the intercooler became standard on the Bentley Continental R.

The designation Continental R could be traced back to the Bentley Continental of the post-war period, whose legendary fame had resulted from the combination of a most impressive powertrain and highly attractive coachwork design and features of which had been specified by customers. Such an opportunity – though altered to present time demands – was offered again, when in March 1999 the ‚Mulliner‘ Continental model range was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. A Bentley driver could specify his personal motor car in direct contact with engineers and designers at the Crewe factory. The Bentley Continental R Mulliner was equipped with the most powerful engine as hitherto only found on the Bentley Continental T. A power output of 420bhp/313kW and a maximum torque of 875Nm was more than any other manufacturer in the world did offer. The car could be pushed up to a top speed of some 170mph.

Bentley Continental R, 1994. Some aficionados separate Continental R from different periods by alterations of the light alloy wheels' design .

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