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Replacing the Cadillac Deville, the Cadillac DTS is considered the largest luxury car offering in the Cadillac lineup. The DTS name stands for Deville Touring Sedan and follows the new naming pattern used by Cadillac, such as the CTS and the STS. The DTS isn’t your typical car; in fact the DTS limousine was used for the inauguration of President Bush in 2005. This special edition of the DTS is reportedly armored and features state of the art communication and safety equipment. The actual production model of the DTS was first seen a month after the inauguration parade, in February 2005.

There are two DTS models, which are known as the Performance and Luxury models. The Luxury model retails at $41,990 and is powered by a 4.6 liter Northstar V8 engine that provides 275 horsepower. The Performance model retails at $50,490 and is powered by a 4.6 liter L37 Northstar V8 that is capable of producing an impressive 291 horsepower. Both models feature double dual overhead cams with four valves per cylinder and a four speed automatic transmission.

The DTS has a gasoline capacity of 18 gallons and gets as much as 25 miles to the gallon on the highway and 17 miles per gallon in the city. One of the most notable changes from the Deville to the new DTS was the fact that Cadillac did away with the ability to seat six passengers in the models that are non-limousines. Of course, the limousine models still area able to seat several people. The DTS features antilock break systems on the Luxury and the Performance models as well as electronic traction control that help with easy handling. Also owing to easy handling and a smooth ride is a multi-link rear suspension, which is stiffer and upgraded for the performance model.

Some of the great features Cadillac has equipped the DTS with are heated mirrors, day time running lights, wood trim, 17 inch rims on the Luxury model and 18 inch rims on the performance model, in addition to leather interior and remote engine start capabilities. Other great optional features include heated and cooled seats, a state of the art navigation system, and adaptive cruise control for those long trips. Cadillac has not overlooked any safety features, either. The DTS offers front and side as well as curtain airbags. OnStar telecommunications is also available, to aid in emergency situations.

The DTS is an attractive vehicle, though it is large, while many contend that the desire for large vehicles is dwindling. Of course, because the Cadillac DTS does offer luxury it appeals to the more refined large vehicle consumer that is looking for comfort, luxury features, as well as performance. It’s been reported that Cadillac is already working on a replacement of the DTS, which will likely offer a V12 for performance, and you can always count on Cadillac for the best luxury features one can buy. Drivers and passengers will enjoy a ride in the DTS as it provides a good deal of comfort, enough power to merge into traffic or get going on the highway, and all of the features and safety elements to make the trip truly enjoyable.

Though many were sad to see the Cadillac DeVille go, the DTS has been a great addition to the Cadillac lineup. The DTS is a great combination of all of the things that a Cadillac or upscale sedan consumer is looking for, and more. While Cadillac may be thinking of a replacement for the DTS, they have enough confidence in this vehicle to keep it in the lineup until at least 2010.

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