Cadillac DTS Sedan

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Description: 2015 Cadillac DTS, 015 Cadillac DTS replaced the Cadillac DeVille as General Motors' largest luxury car for the 2015 model year

2015 Cadillac DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan) is a full-size luxury sedan produced by General Motors, an American automobile company.

The 2015 Cadillac DTS replaced the Cadillac DeVille as General Motors' largest luxury car for the 2015 model year. This renaming followed new styling conventions set by the earlier CTS and STS. The DTS was manufactured at GM's Detroit/Hamtramck Assembly factory from 2005. Even though priced lower than the rear-wheel drive STS flagship, the DTS is longer than the STS. One major feature change from the Deville to the DTS was the elimination of the standard 6-passenger seating configuration for non-limousine models. However, such capability remains an optional feature for fleet clients. It had a square clock but circular gauges.

For the next generation of DTS series, Cadillac tries to create newest car for the successor of DTS series. It is said as 2015 Cadillac DTS since; some people are already familiar with “DTS” code name. However, the car itself will be known as XTS. For 2015 Cadillac DTS series, there is still lack of information coming along with this car. However, some people predict that the car will be remained the same just like, Cadillac XTS which is its successor. Here are some predictions about the newest DTS series.

For the exterior design, the 2015 Cadillac DTS has different design than several SUVs which are often seen. The car is designed with sexy and elegant look as the main characteristic of Cadillac Style. As similar as XTS, the car is seems for having similar design with XTS.

Although “DTS” series are changed, there are still many possibilities about the comeback of car even, the name will be changed. Cadillac 2015 Cadillac DTS will be still in sedan-type since; it becomes Cadillac’s weapon to still step on the Auto market with other great competitors.

For the interior design,2015 Cadillac DTS is no need to be worried since; almost all of the Cadillac products are created from the finest material. For 2015 Cadillac DTS, the car will also receive some finest materials to ensure the coziness of the passengers inside the car. Several technologies such as, iPad explaining feature, GPS, LCD TV, and other features will be predicted as a-must item contained inside the car.

2015 Cadillac DTS engine, Cadillac still put several things inside the hood such as 3.6 liter V-6 engine system. Besides, Brembo brake system can be put also inside the hood.

Some information contained above are included as some predictions. However, it can be predicted that the car will still REMAIN the same with some improvements contained on some parts such as, interior, exterior, and engine. It is really interested for seeing what the car will be in the future. 2015 Cadillac DTS and when it will start in production? of course we are still waiting for an explanation of the latest Cadillac dealers.

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