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Description: Chips and scratches on your Daewoo Chairman? Get Chipex incredible car Touch Up Paint - GUARANTEED 100% Match for your Chairman Model

Daily driving on UK roads, subjects your much loved car to paintwork damage, from gravel and loose stones. These cause paint chips to your bonnet and wing mirrors. This paintwork damage is called Road Rash. Road Rash can decrease the resale value of your car, and leaves the body work prone to rust spots. However there is a solution to this problem. It’s called Chipex Daewoo Chairman Touch Up Paint.

Chipex Daewoo Chairman Touch Up Paint has been tested and certified by TUV the German testing agency. The paint repair system works extremely well at repairing stone chips and small scratches and will also significantly improve scuffs. The Chipex Daewoo Chairman Paint Repair System allows you, the car owner, to simply and safely repair paint chips. scratches and road rash damage to a high standard and increase the used car value without expensive trips to car paint shops for a total re-spray.

Chipex Daewoo Chairman paint is hand made to the manufacturers colour formulation for an exact colour match and allows the car owner to easily apply and remove the paint unlike conventional touch up sticks and paint pens that were once the norm for home DIY car repairs. We even have an easy to use online paint colour code look up service.

The great thing about Chipex, is it comes ready to apply; you simply Paint, Blend and Polish with the accessories provided for a professional finish. All Chipex products come with easy to follow instructions and are suitable for use by any Do It Yourself enthusiast. We also offer a colour match guarantee. We get it right, or we replace it.

We have many satisfied and impressed customers who have left testimonials on our website and the many independent car owners’ forums online. So to get a superior finish compared to that of the conventional Daewoo Chairman Touch Up Paints that are on the market, use Chipex Touch Up Paint to prevent and repair Road Rash.

The roads habitually spit grit and loose stone chips at the bodywork of cars, causing a spray of paint scratches to form. This is called road rash.

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