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Description: Byline: By Val Jessop Val Jessop and Alistair Coull test drive the Daewoo Kalos 1.4 SX. ...

Fewer jokes float around about Daewoo products these days. The name has never easily rolled off the tongue and the cheap and cheerful image of the cars didn't necessarily prove the best marketing ploy.

The Korean company have doggedly pursued the value-for-money philosophy, but more recently added a touch of `pzazz' to replace the drab.

Its city car, the Matiz, and the Tacuma MPV - where do they get these names? - are typical of the glamour treatment the clever Koreans have applied and, while this has promoted the marque, the cars are still viewed hesitantly from some quarters.

However, the arrival of the all-new Kalos under the GM Daewoo umbrella is likely to put the brand in a much more positive light.

To begin with, the Kalos is much more of a European car in terms of design. Not surprising, since Giugiaro, one of Italy's most famous car designers, was drafted in to style the body.

The car looks European, more worldly - there's nothing quirky or curious about the Kalos which, incidentally, is Greek for beautiful.

That's not quite how I would describe the new Korean supermini. That would be too generous. But the Kalos is certainly an attractive looking car and will, no doubt, have GM Daewoo rubbing its hands with glee. It looks and feels a robust runabout and its neat contours belie the generous room that it provides four people - five at a squeeze.

The 2.5m wheelbase is one of the longest in this class of car and with the rear seat folded and secured to the back of the front seats it opens up 735 litres - capable of carrying all manner of luggage.

The Kalos's 1.4-litre 16-valve engine is delightfully light and peppy and the power steering makes for relaxed driving - though it does feel at bit too light at times. The power unit delivers 93bhp which is enough to ginger the car along at top motorway speeds without any effort.

And though its official sprint time is not breathtaking, the Kalos can flex its muscles when the need arises.

The Korean supermini is surprisingly comfortable, at least on moderately short trips. The ride can be a little on the soft side so marathon journeys could tell on the spine, though a 150-mile trip didn't prove too flabby, probably tempered by good, supportive seating - at least for those in the front.

At pounds 8,995, the Kalos SX is a modern, eye-catching car which offers a raft of fittings that would push the price nearer pounds 11,000 on some rival models.

The supermini market has seen a wave of change in the last couple of years. With major launches from VW, Honda, Ford, Citroen, SEAT and others, the category has never been so fiercely contested.

Daewoo, now that it has found financial security under the GM banner, is taking on some of these motoring giants with the Kalos.

Anyone expecting the sort of sparkling drive served up by top guns like the Fiesta and Ibiza will be unimpressed. …

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