Daewoo Matiz

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Description: The Daewoo Matiz Service Manual can now be downloaded direct from our web site free of charge.

Despite the popularity of the car there isn’t a Haynes Repair Manual for the Daewoo Matiz. The only service manual that exists has been circulated on the web in PDF format and is sometimes sold on a CD-ROM through eBay.

If you search the Internet for the manual the majority of the links are either broken or hosted on dodgy web sites that might contain malware or computer viruses. Our copy was provided by a Dutch web site that has offered the PDF for download since October 2007.

Following the bankruptcy of Daewoo and based on the wide circulation of this document for a number of years it is understood that it is now in the public domain. Therefore to help avoid the problems with the other sites the Daewoo Matiz Service Manual can now be downloaded direct from our web site free of charge.

The full manual is a very large download so we have also broken it down into individual sections to make downloading quicker and easier.

Update: please note that Section 1B p14-p75 is missing – we will try to track down the missing pages and update here when available.

Daewoo Matiz Service Manual (PDF) 36.5MB – this full edition contains all of the following PDF sections.

If you would like to have your own copy of a Matiz Owners Manual you can usually find this advertised on eBay.

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