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If Daewoos are known for anything, it's simplicity of design and its easy-to-modify nature. And few are more popular in this regard than the Lanos. This versatile model is extremely popular across the world because it is cheap and everything from the engine to the exterior look can be tricked out to give you a performance boost. This an example of one project that anyone can undertake.

Like most vehicles, the Daewoo Lanos is capable of handling a full body kit-and one geared for sports, at that. In most cases, these kits are purely aesthetic. With the Lanos, it combine with the svelte form of this Korean car to confer some performance boosts.

One of the more popular engine upgrades that can be applied to the Lanos is the Opel C20LET 2.0 16V Turbo engine. Note that this is just a small step up from the basic 1.5 that it sports. That's because the lighter frame of the Lanos makes it easier to pull around. No need for costly V8s here!

When it comes to performance boosts, the frame of the Daewoo Lanos once more works to its advantage. We've tried installing Eibach Pro kit springs, balanced out with some KYB Excell-G shock absorbers, and rounded out with a custom lower strut bar. The Lanos took these all in and handled like a charm!

What we tried pointing out here is that you can basically set up a Daewoo Lanos like you would those popular street-racing Hondas and Toyotas with the one great advantage of significantly reduced cost! That's the beauty of this underappreciated Korean car!

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