Fairthorpe Atomata

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If you are scouring the web for Fairthorpe Atomata Tyres then you will need to look for the exact sizes. On this model the authentic Front Tyre size is 5.20-13 and the rear Tyre size is 5.20-13 so before obtaining a tyre, be sure that it is the exact size.

The Fairthorpe Atomata is a Front engined Coupe that boasts a in-line 2-cyl / twin 644 ccm (39,10 cubic inches) engine with an extraordinary 34,83.50 PS (25,87 kW or 34,83 HP) at 5700 revs per minute and torque figures of 49.00 Nm (4,98 kgf-m or 35,92 ft.lbs) at 3750 revs per minute which is cooled using a Air Cooling System.

With the Fairthorpe Atomata weighing around 470 kg (1031,02 pounds) it is important to have a good braking system fitted for both performance and safety.

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  • The Fairthorpe Atomata carries a power to weight ratio of 0.0755 PS/kg
  • If you are likely to get lost a good deal or just typically turn around a good deal, you should probably know that the turning circle of the Fairthorpe Atomata is 8 m (321,19 inches)
  • The dimensions of the Fairthorpe Atomata are 1530 mm (59,90 inches) Wide, 1230 mm (48,16 inches) High and 1230 mm (48,16 inches) Long

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