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For the British motoring enthusiast who wanted their car to stand out from the crowd, there was arguably nothing better during the early 1970's than the Fairthorpe TX series of cars, as they are probably the rarest cars built in Britain.

Introduced in late 1968, the TX cars offered the individuality of the specialist sports car with the easy servicing and maintenance of the mass-produced sports car. The Fairthorpes - based on a backbone chassis - were powered by 1500 or 2000cc Triumph engines and designated the TX1500 and TX2000 respectively. A Delux TX1500 was also available.

Suspension on all models was independent at the front by unequal length wishbones, coil springs and concentric dampers, while the rear was also independent by transverse leaf springs, trailing links and telescopic dampers. The Torix Bennett transverse-rod system was available as an optional extra.

The interior trim of the cars was left to the customer's choice, although the standard dashboard layout was reminiscent of the Ford GT40 with the speedometer and tachometer at either end of the dashboard and the minor dials grouped in between. When Triumph introduced a less-powerful engine for their TR6, producing only 125 bhp, as opposed to the original 152, that engine was replaced by the Dolomite Sprint unit, giving the 2000 a top speed of 118 mph and the ability to accelerate to 60 mph in 8.0 secs.

The TX1 500 had a top speed of 105 mph and accelerated to 60 mph in 10.7 seconds. The bodies of the TXs were built in glass-fibre, with separate bolt on panels for easy repair, and all featured a rear-window wiper. Reclining seats, servo-assisted brakes, heated windscreen and rear window, face-level ventilation and sports wheels are all optional.

Engine: Front-mounted, water-cooled straight-four. 73.7 mm (2.90in) bore x 87.5mm (3.45 in) stroke - 1493cc (91.37 cu in) (TX1500), or 90.3 mm (3.56 in) bore x 78 mm (3.07 in) stroke - 1988cc (122.28 cu in) (TX2000); maximum power (DIN) 70bhp at 5000 rpm (TX1500), or 127 bhp at 5700 rpm (TX2000); maximum torque (DIN) 82lb ft at 3000 rpm (TX1500), or 122lb ft at 4500 rpm (TX2000). Cast-iron cylinder head and block; compression ratio 9:1 (TX1500) or 9.5:1 (TX2000); 3 main bearings (TX1500) or 5 main bearings (TX2000). 2 valves per cylinder operated via rockers by a single side- mounted camshaft. (TX1500) or 4 valves per cylinder operated by single ohc (TX2000) 2 SU HS4 carburettors (TX1500) or 2 SU HS6 carburettors (TX2000).

Transmission: Single-dry-plate clutch and 4-speed manual gearbox. Ratios (TX1500) 1st 3.50, 2nd 2.16, 3rd 1.39, 4th 1, reverse 3.99 :1. (TX2000) 1 st 2.995, 2nd 2.10, 3rd 1.39, 4th 1, overdrive 4th 0.80, reverse 3.37:1. Final-drive ratio 3.63:1 (TX1500) or 3.45:1 (TX2000).

Suspension: Front-independent by unequal-length wishbones, coil springs and concentric dampers: rear- independent by a transverse leaf spring, trailing links and telescopic dampers (optional- transverse rod system).

Dimensions and weight: Wheelbase 83 in; track front- 50 in, rear-49 in; length 144 in; width 60in; height 44in; ground clearance (laden) 5 in; dry weight 15121b (TX1500) or 16241b (TX2000); turning circle between walls 25ft 3 ins; fuel tank capacity 9.5 gallons.

Performance: Top speed 105 mph (TX1500), 118 mph (TX2000. Acceleration to 60 mph 10.7 secs (TX1500), 8.0 secs (TX2000). Fuel consumption 32 mpg (TX1500), 27 mpg (TX2000).

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Photographs Fairthorpe TX-S - sa3.1-themes
Photographs Fairthorpe TX-S - sa3.1-themes

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