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Description: ferrari unveiled the 195 inter in 1950 at the paris motor show. it was in fact a 166 inter with nbsp ... , car review by Top Speed

Ferrari unveiled the 195 Inter in 1950 at the Paris motor Show. It was in fact a 166 Inter with a slightly longer wheelbase and a modified engine. Ferrari built only 24 units of the 195 Inter, as in 1951 it has been replaced by the 212 Inter.

For the 195 Inter the wheelbase has been enlarged from 2420 mm to 2500 mm, to increase cabin space. Like in the 166 Inter, the chassis frame was of the same basic tubular steel construction as that of the earlier model and featured independent front suspension via a transverse leaf spring, with a rigid axle and semi-elliptic leaf springs at the rear, and Houdaille lever shock absorbers all round.

There was a concurrent 195 Sport model, which was built in the even chassis number competition car range. An example of the 195 Sport in berlinetta form, driven by Marzotto/Crosara won the 1950 Mille Miglia, ahead of the 195 engine Touring barchetta of Serafini/Salani. The range of body design houses altered to include Motto and the Swiss Ghia Aigle concerns; each produced a single example of their craft on a 195 chassis, whilst Stabilimenti Farina dropped off the list. With this model, the Ghia and Vignale body styles seemed to find greatest favor with clients, considerably outnumbering the other contenders.

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