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Description: The Ferrari 250 GT California (1961); Also known as: SWB Spyder, LWB, Long wheelbase, Short Wheel Base. The 250 GT SWB was designed by Pininfarina and built by Scaglietti. It was designed for the race track and the road. This two-seater had an aggressive stance and a wheel base 8 inches shorter than the LWB edition. The street versions were called 'Lusso' (luxury) and contained a Colombo V-12 produ

What does a farmer's daughter dream about to enjoy her last summer? Certainly, a Ferrari 250 GT California Spider packing all of the right stuff.

The moment the Ferrari 250 GT California Spider made its first appearance, the evocative lines and the gorgeous soundtrack from its three-liter V-12 made it coveted by some of the biggest names. It was more than a status symbol for the elite of society and Hollywood. It was an indulgence that was not to be passed-up.

Chassis 2903 GT would be completed in September of 1961 and would be among a rare breed in and of itself. Sporting the short-wheelbase chassis of the Berlinetta, the Scaglietti-clad California Spider would be aggressive in its proportions and every bit the exclusive sportscar.

When completed, 2903 GT would become one of the most desirable of the California Spiders. Being one of just 56 SWB examples, the car is certainly in rare company to begin with, however, it goes even further than that.

Among the 56 examples that would sport the Scaglietti body on the shorter wheelbase there would be just 37 that would be fitted with covered headlights. Chassis 2903 GT is just such an example. Furthermore, it was one of an even smaller number to have been fitted with an optional hardtop.

Given the car's elite status, even among other California Spiders, it would find its way to the 48th Salon de l'Automobile held in Paris in 1961. Finished in a striking black livery with natural leather interior, the car was certainly the stuff of dreams. Not surprisingly, the first recorded owner would not come along until the late 1960s.

After having been sold to Geneva's Garage de Montchoisy following its debut in Paris, the car would make its way into the hands of Alain Cheuvrie, a resident of Geneva. The car would remain with Cheuvrie until 1970 when the car made its way to the United States and the very state for which it had been inspired.

Arriving in California in 1970, 2903 GT would make its way to its next recorded owner, none other than a young Barbara Hershey. Hershey had gotten her acting career rolling with appearances on The Farmer's Daughter, Gidget and The Monroes television series. Her roles in movies like Heaven with a Gun and Last Summer meant she was a star on the rise and certainly in need of a ride truly befitting her growing fame. The exceedingly rare California Spider was the ideal choice.

Throughout the two years in which Hershey owned the 250 GT it would be a part of many adventures and a few legends. This would include of period of about a month when the Ferrari went missing. How such a car could disappear for a month, especially with the plates that read 'HUNNY', is a little beyond belief. Not long after being recovered the car was sold.

Following a period with Hollywood Sports Cars in Beverly Hills, the California Spider would make its way into the hands of Spencer Stillman. The car would remain with Stillman for more than a decade before it would begin to change hands with great regularity.

Upon being sold in 1992, 2903 GT would be owned by such people as Bob Biase, Charles Wegner and Gary Schaevitz. While with Wegner, the car would undergo restoration and would make appearances at the Monterey Vintage Ferrari Concours and the Cavallino Classic. Being acquired by Schaevitz, the car would join an impressive collection of sports and racing cars and would, by no means, lead a quiet life. Three consecutive years Schaevitz would drive the 250 GT in the Colorado Grand Rally.

Such a rare breed of prancing horse, 2903 GT would remain a highly coveted example of the California Spider and the current owner would not pass up on the opportunity to own it. It would be purchased in 2000 and would continue to be a presence in concours events throughout the east coast. The car would achieve a number of prestigious awards and would also take part in the Copperstate 1000 and Nova Scotia 1000. Then, in 2014, the owner applied for certification with Ferrari Classiche. The certification was subsequently approved though the 'Red Book' Certification is still pending.

This 250 GT California Spider has it all. It has the breeding. It has the rare blood lines flowing through its veins. It also has the awards and the achievements to back up its value. But then, it also has the legends; the legends that make any great collector car much more than a car, but a piece of history.

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