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Ferrari’ s history of dual-purpose sports-racers was well underway by the time the 275 GTB debuted in 1964. This car’s significance went beyond its fully independent suspension and rear transaxle, both firsts for Ferrari, however. The 275 GTB broke ground by adapting racing technology to a road car more seamlessly than before. The Pininfarina- designed 275 GTB was a perfectly domesticated gran turismo, rather than a racer with extra seats and a radio installed. The 275 GTB’s blend of on-track capability and creature comforts helped to light the path for many Ferraris to come.

Following on the heels of the 250 GTO, the 275 GTB faced significant challenges in Ferrari’s most important arena: the track. The Shelby Cobra presented a persistent and significant challenge, and the diminutive Porsche 904 was also a threat. Ferrari needed to match these cars on the track without compromising the 275 GTB’s road manners, which proved to be no small feat.

Most critics would argue that it succeeded. The replacement for the 250 series has become one of the most iconic (and valuable) Ferraris as the years have gone by. The V12-powered 275 GTB offered exotic styling and race-proven performance, and was an icon as much for its owners as it was for its historical significance and performance. Contemporary 275 GTB owners included Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Eric Clapton, Clint Eastwood and Miles Davis.

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