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Description: Technical parameters and photographs of GAZ-M-21

Special " Thank You " to Maxime Bujakov for many of the photos on this page. Here is a list of them: [its quite long]

These are photos of Bujakovs' Volga in Russia 41 KB. 32 KB. 28 KB. 29 KB (here Volga is in front of MGU - the most recognizable university in Russia - Moscow State University), 42 KB (here Maxime is pictured with his cousin Vova)

I believe that the Bujakovs' family undying love and commitment of being proud GAZ-M-21 "Volga" owner deserves a round of applause from all of us. (yes, that includes you -- the visitors). Take a look at Maxime's other favorite wheeled friend: it is the legendary "Kwas" (Russian malt drink) cistern. This is an "undercover" shot taken in summer of 1999 to expose Maxime's secret passion for Kwas in Moscow :-) 20 KB

On a more personal note, my grandfather used to own a GAZ-M-21 "Volga" in the mid-1960's through mid 1970's.

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Photogallery GAZ GAZ-21:

GAZ-21 Volga by SLAVAKOR on DeviantArt
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GAZ-21 Volga by SLAVAKOR on DeviantArt
GAZ-21 Volga by GrenadierThomas on DeviantArt
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Gaz 21 Volga by Rimzil Galimzyanov
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