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Description: Jaguar E Type S1 Roadster

If I had to make a choice to own just one classic car or pick my all time favorite, this is the car. All the E Type range are popular & ever increasing in value almost on a monthly basis. However the 3.8ltr S1 Roadster is the pinnacle. With prices of these cars soaring this year & a few in auctions this summer passing well in excess of £100,000, this car represents great value as it is realistically priced.

Originally built in 1963 the car was first delivered to Jaguar Cars New York, dispatched on 13/02/1964. Little is know of it's life there however it was repatriated to the UK back in 1988.

Brought home by a Mr Steven Barrat, it was later sold to Trackwork Limited, who I believe was a specialist classic car restorer of the day.

The car was then set about upon a very extensive nut & bolt restoration. There is a folder of old style photos during this works. On completion the car was sold to someone in Doncaster, who owned briefly for 4 years, then in 1993 the current owner purchased the vehicle.

We recently purchased from the son of the owner & the car is now available for sale for the first time in 21 years.

The car had 67,876 miles on the clock when the previous owner purchased it in 1993 & the car comes with every last MOT since, with minimal annual mileage the car is only showing 71,700 at the time of publishing this advert. That's just over 3,400 miles in 20 years!

The car retains its original engine, chassis & body, with paperwork from Jaguar Cars on file to confirm:

The car was in fantastic condition when it arrived. We have since refreshed the car, even though it had only a handful of miles since restoration. This included:

  • Full exterior repaint
  • Detailing of engine bay
  • New Manifolds
  • New Header Tank
  • New Hood
  • Interior refresh
  • New Wire Wheels
  • Powder Coating of many ancillary items

The car is in what we believe to be 1st class condition, & priced below many others on the market in this class. A viewing is absolutely essential to appreciatte the car.

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