Jaguar Mark IX Saloon

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220bhp, 3.8 liter six-cylinder DOHC engine, Borg-Warner three-speed automatic transmission, Dunlop four-wheel disc brakes, Burman power-assisted steering. Wheelbase: 120”

After the war, Jaguar, like other motor manufacturers, endeavored to produce and market exciting new models. Development work on a new flagship saloon to replace the prewar design had been started even before the end of the war. Thus it was that the new chassis developed for the Mark VII – IX range first appeared in the Mark V. The Mark V served as an interim model while Jaguar engineers feverishly worked to complete their first truly postwar design, the Mark VII. The XK engine powering the Mark VII was first fitted to the XK120 roadster. Racing success launched the XK120 commercially and its engine went on to power all Jaguar sports and saloon cars until the advent of the 12-cylinder motor in the late E-types and lasted on for 40 years, well into the popular XJ range of cars. The Mark IX was publicly unveiled at the Earls Court London Motor Show in the autumn of 1958. Visually it was nearly identical to its predecessor, the Mark VIII. Mechanically however, many improvements were made. Under the hood, the engine capacity was increased to 3.8 liters by the adoption of the latest version of the XK engine, now rated at an impressive 220bhp. The Mark IX braking system was upgraded to a Dunlop four-wheel disc system, and power steering was made available as a standard fitment. By this time most were delivered with the robust Borg Warner 3- speed automatic transmission. Nothing much changed inside the car, as the MK VIII was already superbly equipped and appointed. The largest improvement was of the heater system that had been previously criticized as inadequate for colder climates. Although they were large and heavy, the big Mark Jaguars proved surprisingly successful in racing and rallying. No less a personage than Stirling Moss won contemporary saloon races in a Mark VII and can often be seen driving one in vintage competition today. Mark VIIs also excelled in the daunting Monte Carlo Rally, finishing fourth and sixth in 1952, second in 1953, and finally winning in 1956.

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