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Description: 1958 Jaguar Mark 1 for sale by Sunset Classics, nice cream exterior and red interior, lots of work done to make this classic Jaguar look great.

We have a beautiful 1958 Jaguar Mark 1 for sale. This is an auction for an excellently maintained classic jaguar with over $8,000 in receipts in just the last few years. The current owner purchased the car in 2001 from a gentleman who put well over $15,000 into the car during his ownership. He had the engine reworked ($8858), the electrical completely rewired ($4759) and many other receipts that all come with the car. Practically everything on this car has been gone through so it should be ready to enjoy trouble free for years to come.

This classic Jaguar has the appealing combination of a cream exterior and a red leather interior. The interior is in good shape and my guess is that the seats and door panels are original. The leather seats have held up very well over the years and are very presentable. The steering wheel has an extremely unique "telescoping" feature that you can see demonstrated in the videos below. The headliner is in great shape as is most of the rest of the interior. You can view plenty of interior shots in the close up gallery accessible via the link below this description. This is an extremely solid car but there is one bubble in the paint on the driver's door. The frame and undercarriage seem very solid and you can view these areas and judge for yourself in the many photos in the close up gallery.

The cooling system is among the areas that have been completely reworked recently. The Jaguar runs a bit rough when cold but once it's been running for a few minutes it idles just fine. (I did notice a wire disconnected from the electric choke. Hooking that up would probably help it run better when it's cold.) But once the car is warm it runs and drives very nicely. Around town this car is very luxurious. The current owner used the car to chauffeur newlyweds from the chapel to the reception! The owner and I took the car out on the freeway to show a slight shimmy in the wheel at around 60 mpr. The shimmy is very slight and on our way back the steering wheel didn't even shimmy at all. Even though this is slight I like to mention everything so you (the bidder) know exactly what you are bidding on. As a whole the car runs and drives beautifully. There has been a lot of time, money and effort put into all parts of this car. One of the latest improvements is the exhaust system which was reworked to sound just like a 1958 Jaguar should (you can hear the car run in the videos).

Please email or call before bidding if you have any questions. Overseas buyers are welcome. Be sure to view the photo galleries and video footage, thank you for looking at my auction and good luck bidding!

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